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These are cake toppers. Non toxic, however, not edible. Hand-Made - No molds used.

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Baby & Bear is a great party decoration for your table, cake, gift or centerpiece. It measures 4 inches tall by 3 1/2 wide. Handmade and handpainted, made of cold porcelain. Beautiful bear theme as well. $27.00

Baby holding shoes $2.98 
Handmade cold porcelain, measures aprox 2 1/2" tall. Baby shower favors available in girl and boy. Adorable.

Mommy Stork with Baby is an exquisite figurine. Can be used as Cake Topper or Table Centerpiece. Baby is presented by Mommy stork who is wearing a bonnet. Beautifully hand made and hand painted with detail. Available in Blue, Pink or Yellow. The mother-to-be can take the decoration stork home to use in the nursery. This stork measures 8.5\" H X 5\" L X 4\" W. The babies are 
2 H X 1 W. $27.00

These items and more may be ordereed here

Noahs Ark Cake Topper
Noah's Ark is a unique cake topper to cherish. This Noah's Ark is unique, hand painted and handmade. Seen with all the animals. Aprox. 6 1/2" tall. A treasure keepsake for ever................. they are limited pieces and finely handmade. $46.98 
No choice on color

Baby face rattle is an adorable baby shower cold porcelain charm. You can make capias (small corsages) for your guest. Use them to decorate boxes or bags. 2 1/2" $9.95 each

Baby on Pillow with "Blanky"
Baby holding blanky. Made in cold porcelain. 
2 inches tall

Baby in Stork Blanky with a big bow
Pacifier in mouth
1 3/4"H #1109 $3.99 or blue?

Baptism Angel Figurine
God Bless You on Your Baptism. Angel made of cold porcelain, beautifully hand painted. Irridescent angel wings, with a halo of flowers around the hair and a long white dress.The angel is carrying a baby drapped in Blue, Pink or White blanket. African American or Caucasion A premier Centerpiece, Gift or keepsake. 7" H X 3" W.
#3000-XX-X $30.99

Baby Basinett -Small
#1051 $14.70
Measures 3 x 3H

Baby in Tub, Small
Rub a dub dub, baby in the tub. Handmade cold porcelain baby in tub favor. These adorable tubs, are full of baby bubbles, girl has a shower cap with a mini rose, boys or unknown gender have bubbles on their head. Combine with the matching cake topper. Available in pink, blue, yellow and mint green. Lovely collection Cake topper and matching favors......#1018 $3.49

Baby in Gift Bag Favor
2 1/4" #1118 $3.99 
Baby in gift bag favor is so Chic and modern. What is cuttier than having a baby pop up from a shopping bag? These favors are ready to place on table for your guest. These are hand made and handpainted cold porcelain favors.


Baby in Gift Box Topper, Lg
#1006 $25.00 
The Baby Gift Box, Baby In Gift Box These adorable caketoppers are handmade of cold porcelain. The little baby appears to be coming out of a surprise box. Each box has great details such as the folds of the blanket, the white big bow at the top of the box and the white dots on the bottom of the box. Available in pink or blue. Piece measures approximately 4" high and 2" wide Measures: 7" H X 4" Diameter. Baby measures 2" X 1".Baby shower decoration gift ,Cake Topper or Table Centerpiece Color: Baby Blue or Pastel Pink. 

Baby on Blanket Favor
#1015 $4.38 
Beautiful Baby on his blanket- look at the detail hand made. Available in pink, blue, yellow, mint. Made of Cold Pocelain. This item measures 3" H X 2" W.Colors: Blue, Pink, Measures: 3" X 2"T.his Cold Porcelain Baby In Blanket is a great Thank You Favor.

Pacifier  $1.49 each
Design change: now has 'rope' look ring
This Large Pacifier has a pretty bow tied with the little tiny flowers and leaves. Really delicate. Use them to make your own Custom Favors or as Thank You giveaways for your guest. Size aprox. 2'' in length by 1 " wide. These are handmade and really beautiful. Available in pink or blue.

Baby hugging Teddy Bear 
2" $4.38 
This beautifully handpainted porcelain baby boy is an exquisite item. The baby boy is wearing a white diaper, is sitting on a blue blanket, is wearing a blue hat & holding a teddy. The baby girl is wearing a bonnet & holding teddy.


Baby on Moon- Twinkle, Twinkle....
as shown right
#1021 $4.70 
Twinkle, Twinkle, little star....Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, is one of the most popular themes when it comes to nurseries and baby showers. These adorable Babies on the moon are just a hit. They are Hand Crafted and painted. These favors are very unique. Exclusive from Mimosas Designs. Ideas: decorate around tables, give one to each guest, use them as place card settings and enjoy! Available for little girls or boys.

Baby Cupcake 
Babies First Birthday holding one candle with a cupcake. Hand made and handpainted. Approximately 2" tall. Available in Pink or Blue. IDEA: Place around the cake table, give as party favors and use as place cards.........

Baby Fairy Topper Sitting
Baby Fairy is the most unique piece of art in this collection. The Fairy is holding a colorful butterfly sitting on a Lily flower. This pieces is hand-made and handcrafted. Use to decorate tables, gift, cake topper or diaper cakes.

Baby Sailboat, CakeTopper Figurine
Use for cake or diaper cake shown
#1008 $24.99 
Our Sailboat Centerpiece has been one of our most popular centerpiece or Cake Topper. Ahoy there!. Nautical Centerpiece or Nautical Cake topper. Add the sailboat favors and it will be complete. Handmade of coldporcelian. This can be use as a gift keepsake. Sailboat- Nautical Cake topper or Nautical Sailboat Centerpiece, has so many details. Look at this gorgeous piece of art. Aprox. 7 inches tall.

Baby Fairy Crawling -sm $5.30 
So adorable a baby fairy sleeping party Favor. Look at the details so unique. 2 inches long. Made in cold porcelain. Baby is over orquid flower, either in pink or lavender flower.

Baby Fairy Crawling - Large $30.99 
Approx. 6"


Baby Sleeping on Pillow
2 3/4" $3.99
Baby sleeping on pillow favor size is a gorgeous handpainted cold porcelain favor. The sleeping baby boy or baby girl is a unique. The baby boy is handpainted in blue trim detail and the baby girl is handpainted with pink trim detail, the pillow is scalloped and delicately painted. We also have the matching cake topper! See our Cake Toppers Selection she will melt your heart!

Baby in Storky Blanket-Cake Topper
[1109]  Approx. 4 1/2" H $23.38


 These items and more may be ordereed here