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Make Edible Cake Lace, Dispensers and Silicone Mats

You have got to give edible lace a try. It is taking the food industry  by storm.

Create amazing edibles for the tops and sides of cakes, fabric, ribbons, bows and even flowers!

Easy enough for the novice to the professional.

Make edible lace for the wedding cake that matches the bridal gown.

Opens up ideas for cupcake decorations, pastries or dessert garnishes.

Tint using our powdered food coloring. Brush with petal dust, luster dust, or highlighter dusts.

Add Edible Lace to any cake!
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Edible Wonder Lace for Edible Decorations

Fast drying, super easy to use, confectionery mix to create amazing lace patterns for edible fabrics, flowers, bows, or edible writing. Made for the novice in mind for simple to intricate decorations for cakes, cupcakes and more! Color with powdered blossom tint food coloring. Trace patterns onto parchment, directly on a non-stick mat or use one of the many lace mats we offer. Brush with petal, luster, sparkle or highlighter dusts. Use instantly to drape onto or around a cake, form into flowers or make edible bows for a range of deserts. Store excess lace pieces for later use between wax paper. Nut Free.

Geraldine's Edible Wonder  Lace Mix 
4 oz. (113 gm)
#GLLMIX $4.95

Geraldine's Edible Wonder  Lace Mix 
six 4 oz. packages
#GLLMIX6 $26.73

Geraldine's Edible Wonder  Lace  Mix 
twelve 4 oz. packages
#GLLMIX12 $50.49

Wonder Lace Silicone Mats

Flexible silicone mats perfect for making edible lace for a wide range of crafts. Most have a repeat edge for combining them around a cake like a seamless design. Cut away sections and make other creations. Make a delicate decorations to use on the tops or sides of cakes, fabric, ribbons, bows and even flowers.

Crown Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS039 $16.95

Paisley Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS043 $16.95

Pineapple Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS044 $16.95

Diamonds Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS070 $16.95

Round Scallop Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
3.93 inch
Instructions included.
#GLSSR07 $16.95

Round Doilie Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
3.93 inch
Instructions included.
#GLSSR001 $16.95

Round Lady Face with Fancy Hat Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
3.93 inch
Instructions included.
#GLSSR03 $16.95

Scalloped Net Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7 x 2.5 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS010 $16.95

Scalloped Edge Roses Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS011 $16.95

Floral Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS027 $16.95

Heart Mosaic Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS030 $16.95

Music Staff Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS036 $16.95

Circle Motifs Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS037 $16.95

Feathers Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS041 $16.95

Christmas Motifs Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS042 $16.95

Heart Fancy Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS049 $16.95

Hearts Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.5 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS051 $16.95

Scroll and Leaves Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.5 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS052 $16.95

Grapes and Vines Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.5 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS053 $16.95

Butterfly and Lace Ribbon Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS055 $16.95

Christmas Tree Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS056 $16.95

Circles Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS071 $16.95

Fancy Butterflies Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLS149 $16.95

Confectionery Scissors Snips
Style may vary slightly, stainless steel, 3.5 inch scissors for precise trimming of edible lace.
#43-3012 $18.00

Lace and Oval Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
15.3 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLSL065 $22.95

Honeycomb Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
15.3 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLSL201 $22.95

Brickwork Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
15.3 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLSL202 $22.95

String Work Wonder Lace Silicone Mat
15.3 x 2.7 x .1 inch
Instructions included.
#GLSL204 $22.95

Wonder Cake Lace Mat Starter Set with Free package of Wonder Lace Mix
Includes Crown, Paisley, Pineapple, Butterfly with Lace Ribbon and Diamond Silicone Lace Mats and one 4 oz. of Wonder Lace Mix. Each repeat mat is 7.4 x 2.7 x .1 inch and 4 oz. mix will make one of each design. Limited Time Offer.
#GLSSET $84.75

SugarVeil Icing Dispenser

Equipped to accommodate both 110V and 220V with adapter. A hand held, air powered tool for drawing very fine decorative details with icings, paints, glues, glazes, sauces, chocolate, and light batters. Effortlessly dispenses mediums without hand fatigue. Ideal for those with carpal tonal syndrome or arthritis. Simply place a finger over the flow control hole. Continuous suction produced in the tip of the dispenser eliminates drips.
Gingerbread People | Knotted Lace| Triangle Spirals| Instructions| Bulletins| Ideas for SugarVeil use | Make a Bow!| Lace Cakes
To Fill Cartridge pour in almost any liquid. Store water based paint or glues in cartridges and store separately from foods. Twist to Insert Cartridge. Changing colors is as simple as changing cartridges. Precise Fingertip Control. Patented venturi system ensures precise control. Place finger over beveled hole to dispense. Lift finger slightly to adjust flow. Lift completely to immediately stop flow, no drips.

SugarVeil Icing Dispenser Kit
Includes 15 tips, 8 refillable cartridges, cleaning plungers, storage caps, followers, wire tool, a 110V air pump with regulator knob, confectionery mix, instructions and carry case. Warranty
#20-102K $219.95

SugarVeil Standard Kit
Includes SugarVeil Icing Dispenser with instructions, 5 oz. SugarVeil confectionery mix, Comb, Desert Garnishes DVD and a 11-5/8 x 16 inch Non-Stick Silicone Mat.
 #12194 $258.25

SugarVeil Accessory Pack
Includes 14 tips, 8 refillable cartridges, cleaning plungers, storage caps, followers, and wire tool. Kit may vary slightly.
#20-120K $77.95
SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix
This innovative dry powdered icing mix lets both home and professional chefs create spectacular 4 star restaurant caliber decorations in minutes simply and without complicated techniques or tools. Use to make a dessert mousse, a sorbet, tuile garnishes, or a delicate tasting, not too sweet icing. Fill a cartridge from the SugarVeil Icing Dispenser and create words or intricate decorative pieces. These pieces can be made in advance, and are flexible to later peel and drape onto or around a cake or personalized plated deserts. Create decorations off the cake by tracing or piping onto parchment. Pipe ornate patterns with ease, icing flows quickly and effortlessly. Decorations are flexible to apply a continuous border or cake top design. Superior color retention to control wicking. Smooth and consistent. Light and delicate tasting. Add color or flavor, if desired. Long shelf life. No Fat. Nondairy. Non wheat. With 1 lb. of SugarVeil  mix make 21 sq. ft. of fabric, make 55 beautiful 6 inch bows with tails, create 136 punched polka dot cakes, or wrap 245 cakes with SugarVeil. OU Kosher Approved

Rick-Rack Trim| Stenciled Shapes| Make a Bow! | Bow Cake Ideas   | How-To Make Fabric | Using SugarVeil Mix with Cutting Machines | Lace Cakes

5 oz. SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix
Perfect for a single batch. Zip bag for 1/2 batch use.
#20-5OZ $5.95
What to do with SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix

5 lb. SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix
Better savings! Reclosable tub with lid.
#20-750K $71.95

SugarVeil Mix and Comb Set
5 oz. SugarVeil Confectionery Mix and SugarVeil Comb.
#SVMCS $14.90

SugarVeil Starter Kit
SugarVeil Dessert Garnishes DVD, SugarVeil Spreader and two 5 oz. SugarVeil Confectionery Mix.
#SVSK $42.22

SugarVeil Classroom Package
A 5 lb. pail of SugarVeil Confectionery Mix, Dessert Garnishes DVD and ten Confectionery Combs.
#SVC $187.00

SugarVeil Starter Mat Kit
11x16 inch nonstick silicone mat, 5 oz. SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix, SugarVeil Confectionery Comb and Dessert Garnishes DVD.
#12193 $55.53
SugarVeil As seen on Food Network!


Draped Lace




Individual Treats


Lace Top

SugarVeil Accessories

SugarVeil Desserts DVD!
Unleash your imagination and join Michele Hester in creating extraordinary dessert details with SugarVeil Confectionery Icing. The techniques are simple to do. Combing with the Confectionery Comb, intricate curlicue shapes are easily achieved with stencils, and dimensional monograms and detailed lace patterns are simply traced onto parchment with the SugarVeil Icing Dispenser. Decorations peel from the parchment, and cling to a cake's curvy sides or to encircle a plated dessert. Learn how to create a wealth of dessert details, including bows and ribbons, monograms, and flowers. 45 minutes.
#20-001 $24.95

SugarVeil Vacuum Pick-up Tool
Pick up edible pearl beads and intricate SugarVeil pieces too small for fingertips with the SugarVeil Vacuum Pick-up Tool. Easy to use. Includes vacuum pump with built in air regulator for even the most delicate of jobs, on/off switch, airline and 4 suction tips. Super easy to use. Let your finger control the suction, simply release in the exact spot you with the bead. Great for crafts of all types.
#20-800K $135.00

FREE SugarVeil Mat idea card
Available with any purchase of SugarVeil products. 
This offer must be included in your shopping cart 
and cannot be added after payment is made.
Limit one per person
#SVM $0.00

SugarVeil Confectionery Comb
Use to comb lines through SugarVeil Confectionery Icing on a seasoned Silicone non-stick or parchment sheet. Use a downward pressure to assure clean, parallel lines. Add dots to connect the lines of laces and make a design to drape onto a delectable dessert. Allow to set up then twist, knot, or tie the resulting elegant laces to place on a cake. Comb includes fine, medium, deep and heavy lines
4-1/2x7 inch food grade plastic.
#20-200K $8.95

FREE Confectionery Comb Techniques Instruction Idea Flyer with the purchase of our SugarVeil Confectionery Comb 20-200K. 8.5x11, 1 page double sided, full color. This offer must be included in your shopping cart and cannot be added after payment is made. Limit one per person

SugarVeil Confectionery Spreader
Spread SugarVeil smoothly with this extra long 12" x 5" smooth, Confectionery Spreader. Great for use on both sides of the SugarVeil Mat. #20-205 $16.00
FREE SugarVeil Design Paper Pattern Sheets
One of a kind instructional patterns perfect for our SugarVeil Confectionery Mix. You have got to try this, it is amazing. Easy to use and edible. With the purchase of any SugarVeil Products. 
Limit one per customer
#20-998 $0.00

SugarVeil Confectioner's Lace Mats

Detailed precision engineered, intricately detailed silicone mats perfect for the SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix. Make lace, fabrics, scallops, strips of lace, ruffles, flowers and MORE! Smooth confectionery icing mix over the designs. When set, peel beautiful lace lengths to wrap around cakes, and cupcakes, or cut sections from the lace to place on cookies, chocolate, and other desserts.

Flower Net SugarVeil Lace Mat
A large, amazingly delicate net pattern with flower detailing and scalloped edge. Drape over cake tiers for a sheer, see through effect, or cut into strips and gather for decorative ruffle edging. 11 x 16 inch.
#20-505 $76.00

Circle Bouquets SugarVeil Lace Mat
Multitudes of flowers in circular patterns for creating both round and square 6 inch intricately detailed cake tops, with long strips of fine netting for adding side details. 11 x 16 inch.
#20-525 $76.00

Mesh SugarVeil Lace Mat
Use it as is for lace. Dilute confectionery mix to a paint consistency, brush on to create snake skin, green for crocodile, frog, dragon, armadillo, or lizard skin. Perfect for cobblestone walkways of a gingerbread house or even for a basketballs texture.
#20-551K $76.00

Rose Mantilla Veil SugarVeil Lace Mat
Rose Mantilla SugarVeil Mat
A new twist to the traditional cabbage rose lace pattern.  Roses, leaves, and flowers on a delicate lace ground create a stunning effect. 11 x 16 inch.
#20-530 $76.00

Celebration Ribbons SugarVeil Lace Mat 
Create Married, Congratulations, and Happy Birthday ribbons as well as loop braids using a two part process. Smooth white confectionery icing mix over the mat, scrape cleanly. Seal the ribbon details using a colored icing across the entire surface. Peel, cut into strips for detailed message ribbons. 11 x 16 inch. 
#20-520 $76.00

Dot SugarVeil Lace Mat
Dots and line patterns expand into 'endless' veils for wrapping mini cakes as well as cakes of all sizes. Includes a grosgrain ribbon and expanding cake top decoration. 11 x 16 inch
#20-535 $76.00

SugarVeil Lace Mat 
Dual sided, thread like incised lace designs plus a smooth side for creating sold sheets. 11 x 16 inch.
#20-500 $69.00

SugarVeil Mat Assortment Set
Set of Four SugarVeil Confectioners' Mats
Celebration Ribbons, Flower Net, Circle Bouquets and Dot Rose Veil.
#MATSET $262.20

SugarVeil Lace Combo Kit 
Everything you need to get started making edible lace.
Includes 5 oz. Confectionery Icing Mix, Confectionery Spreader 12 x 5 inch, 11 x 16 inch Lace Mat with DVD and Confectionery Snips. Follow the directions on the bag and make fun edible lace. Perfect for every cake you make! Use lace strips as a border on the side of a tier cake, medallions for the tops of jumbo cupcakes or cookies, make bows, ruffles, or just let your imagine go wild.
#20-6252 $93.39

Large SugarVeil Lace Combo Kit
Includes 5 lb. Confectionery Icing Mix, Lace Mat with CD, Confectioners' Spreader 12 x 5 inch and Confectionery Snips. Follow the directions on the bag and make fun edible lace. Perfect for every cake you make! Use lace strips as a border on the side of a tier cake, medallions for the tops of jumbo cupcakes or cookies, make bows, ruffles, or just let your imagine go wild.
#SVLK $140.71
SugarVeil Dispenser Instructions
SugarVeil Icing Dispenser Instructions SugarVeil Confectionery Spreader
The SugarVeil Icing Dispenser is a hand-held, air powered tool for drawing very fine decorative details with icings, sauces, chocolate, and light batters. Pastry decorations and plated dessert garnishes and are effortlessly dispensed by placing a finger over the flow control hole. The patented product is drip free and is supplied with all accessories, including a 110V air pump.
To Operate:
  • Wash/dry components (excluding dispenser body).
  • Remove small red storage cap and twist on a tip.
  • Grip cartridge by Quick Change seal and twist to remove from dispenser body. Pipe desired contents into cartridge to about 2/3 full. Insert follower, solid side down into cartridge, pushing with wire tool to "chase" and compress contents to the cartridge bottom. Grip cartridge at seal and twist into dispenser body for a friction fit. Dispenser is now ready to use and should be held with the tip pointing down so contents do not back flow into air components. When not in use, or when alternating cartridges, remove cartridge from dispenser and place in a coffee cup, with tip pointed down, into a moistened cloth.
  • Plug in the air pump. Touch the tip to the surface. Lightly cover the entire area of the flow control hole with tip of forefinger for contents to flow; lift finger to stop the flow. The rate of flow may be increased/decreased by (1) varying fingertip pressure over the hole, (2) adjusting regulator knob, or (3) changing the tip size.
To Clean:
  • Unplug electric cord.
  • Twist cartridge from dispenser body, remove follower using wire tool, and twist off tip. Use plunger to empty cartridge. [Tip: a bit of glycerin (or water) will enable plunger to slide easily through cartridge].

  • Replace tip and force water through tip with plunger.
  • Never soak or submerge electric pump in water.
  • When using a less viscous mixture, always point the pen tip down to ensure that mixture remains in the cartridge.

  • Clean parts thoroughly after each use, keeping tips moist in water prior to cleaning.
Mixture notes:
  • Sift dry ingredients before mixing for use in dispenser. For inconsistent mixtures, strain through double layers of cheesecloth or nylon mesh.
  • Royal Icing – Use “flow” consistency (when streamed from a spoon, stream disappears into mixture at the end of 10 seconds).
  • Compound chocolate – To each _ cup, add _ tsp. shortening. Place cartridges in a folded heating pad (medium heat) with tips in place at end of cartridge. When chocolate begins to thicken (cool), return to heating pad and replace with another cartridge.
  • Buttercream and fat based icings – Warm slightly to dispense into cartridges. When mixtures begins to thicken, tuck cartridges into a folded heating pad to return to flowing consistency.

  • Mixtures may be temporarily stored in the cartridge. Twist off tip and place rubber storage caps at cartridge ends.

What you do with SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix:
  • SugarVeil Confectionery Mix, when mixed with boiling water creates SugarVeil Icing. It's nice and white like royal icing (but tastes much better - not too sweet, and completely neutral so you can flavor as you wish).
  • And, unlike royal, it is flexible so you can do your work off the cake onto greased parchment (tracing a pattern, if you wish - we've got five which can be downloaded on our site), and when set, peel it from the parchment to place it onto a contoured surface, or ruffle it like lace for the edge of a cake top.
  • Can be colored with paste, liquid, or powdered colors. Has got great elasticity, and does nice string work on the cake, too.
  • Flows easily either through a piping bag/parchment cone, or through the Icing Dispenser (also works in the Air Pen).
  • The icing goes through three stages: wet (when applied), set (ready to remove from surface), and dry (depending upon humidity and surface it's placed upon. If icing does not crust, SugarVeil usually remains flexible.
  • If placed on fondant or icing that crusts, SugarVeil will completely dry to a delicate and very fragile dry. When dry, it has a consistency that melts on your tongue rather than a hard dry like royal icing.).
  • Setting takes anywhere from 30 min or so to overnight, depending upon humidity (can be speeded up or slowed down as per instructions in our web site, for example, placing it under a heat lamp, etc.).
  • SugarVeil Confectionery Mix comes in a 1 lb. bag, you mix up 1/2 cup at a time in a glass or stainless steel bowl (don't use soft water) - makes "gobs" of icing (will get a more precise measurement of that in the near future).
  • When set, SugarVeil can be dusted with gold dust or petal dust (it will adhere to the SugarVeil), likewise the set SugarVeil piece will itself adhere to the sides a freshly fondant or iced cake.
  • For the beginner, best is to try just small doodles and smaller pieces to get the hang of it and to time how long it takes to dry in their particular environment. You can also spread SugarVeil icing on a Silicone Non-Stick and comb through it with a notched grout tool and get an abundance of fine lines when set.
  • We're discovering new techniques daily, and will hopefully get the info onto the site soon!
The SugarVeil Icing Dispenser's roots are with the Air Pen.
  • Basically, we took the Air Pen and over a process (which took years and much hard work) addressed the many requests we had from cake decorators/confectionery artists.
  • The Icing Dispenser contains a stronger air pump, is calibrated specifically for icings and sugar work.
  • Other accessories included with the Icing Dispenser include "followers" which fit inside the cartridges and aid in piping aerated/whipped icings, a steel tool for removing the follower pistons, as well as more cartridges, storage plugs and tips so the user can devote half the cartridges to buttercream/fat based icings, and the other half to SugarVeil or other non-fat based icings.
  • Tips come with the Icing Dispenser including a bag of SugarVeil Confectionery mix as well.

  • The Icing Dispenser has an on/off switch, and the entire kit comes in a wonderful carry box with separate storage areas to organize all. We're really happy to have completed all the improvements just in time for ICES this year (2003).

Hints for Using SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix
from the maker of the SugarVeil pen. Thought you might be interested in seeing holiday gingerbread people wearing SugarVeil skirts, sweaters, glasses, hair, etc. (techniques from the new Dessert Garnishes DVD). Michele at SugarVeil.
A few helpful tips for the SugarVeil Icing you have in stock.
1. When piping, use 1/3 c. boiling water to 1 c. SugarVeil (this is less water than noted on bag)
2. Pipe finely using a "0" or "1" tip - even a hairline of SugarVeil can be peeled from greased parchment
3. If lines are sticky, they are not yet "set"
4. When the mixture is made the day before, and the lines are piped finely, setting time is usually short, but to speed setting time:
* Prepare mixture 1-2 days prior to use
* Place in 100 degree oven, or oven with light/pilot light on [note: since my oven temp minimum is 175 degrees, I place the SugarVeil decorations on the stovetop while the oven is on 175 degrees]
* Place in a food dehydrator

* Place in the path of a fan or a heated air duct **
* Use a dehumidifier in room * Apply in finer lines * Increase ambient temperature of room
* Use heat lamp overhead (this also adds a patina sheen) Hope this is helpful

also, FYI - I've been decorating and dressing gingerbread men with SugarVeil and even cutting out their clothes from solid sheets of SugarVeil (as shown in the new Dessert Garnishes DVD you carry) smoothed on a Silicone Non-Stick or greased parchment - so cute and works great!

Making Rick-Rack Trim using SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix
Spread white SugarVeil very thinly onto the silicone mat.  When set, peel from surface and cut with decorative scissors. Wrap around cake.

Using Stencils with SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix
Place stencil on silicone mat. Spread Icing Mix across stencil scraping tightly. For a 2D effect, spread thickly over stencil.  Peel stencil by rolling stencil slowly back, allowing SugarVeil to pull back into itself and form a dimensional motif. Allow to set. The lift off and use.

Bows with SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix

Smooth a large solid chartreuse area. Allow to set. Cut two solid pieces 4" wide and 12" long, and one bow center 2" x 3". 

Stencil a white decorative border. 
Allow to set. 

Fold a hem at each lengthwise edge, moisten the edge of the SugarVeil, and encapsulate the a folded wafer paper strip in the hem. 

Gather each crosswise end to the short wafer paper strips. 

Bring both gathered edges to center of bow, moisten back of one gathered edge and slightly overlap the other.

Twist other long strip in half for tails of bow. Gather center piece of bow at short end and attach to short pieces of wafer paper.

Assembling bow tails behind bow and angle trim edges. Fashion bow into 3D shape and stuff with rolled parchment until dry. 

Using one white and one chartreuse line of SugarVeil, wrap lines around skewer to cover. Place skewer in center of cupcake and mount bow atop skewer. Use the Icing Dispenser fitted with a pink tip add tiny dots on the edge of the bow once it is in place.

How to Use SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix to make a Fabric Bow

Comb SugarVeil into lines using the SugarVeil Confectionery Comb

Color SugarVeil and paint over the set lines.

Allow to set, and it makes a perfectly striped SugarVeil fabric.

Cut and shape into a bow
to decorate your dessert!

Add bow to dessert.

IDEAS using SugarVeil Confectionery Icing Mix

Triangle Spirals & Sparklers with SugarVeil Dispenser and Confectionery Icing Mix
Knotted Lace or Sparklers

Spread SugarVeil on non stick mat then comb through mixture with the Confectionery Comb.

Using a ball or other blunt edged tool, scrape a series of W lines through combed lines, creating triangles.

When set, grasp the top point of the triangle with one hand and, offsetting slightly, pinch bottom corners of the triangle together with the other hand. Twist to form a spiral coil (tighter twisting forms a gradation of loops.

Draw out single lines of SugarVeil Confectionery Mix and/or use comb with Medium or Thick lines. Connect the combed lines by piping perpendicular lines across them, spacing 1" apart. Each piped line will serve as a center "spine" of a sparkler. 

   When set, use small scissors to cut through the series of combed lines, cutting evenly between the "spines".

Twist sparkler spine onto a fine rice stick (delicate rice noodles). Place by attaching each end to icing or plated dessert.

News Bulletins you can find them talking about SugarVeil

Patent No. 5579960
ELECTRIC AIR PUMP WARRANTY: All air pumps are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase, under normal use. Pump will be repaired or replaced at manufacturers discretion, free of charge. This warranty does not apply to any pump which has been subjected to misuse, negligence, or tampering. No liability is assumed with respect to loss or damage to personal property irrespective of the cause thereof. For authorized air pump guaranteed consumer service, return pump with dated receipt to: Chateau de Beax Gateaux, Post Office Box 18, Waldron, MO 64092
Prices are subject to change without notice.