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Some CANNON OR EPSON printers can be used. See list below.
Shown at left, 2" Frosting circles on cookies. Use your special printer with food-coloring-filled cartridges to make fun and easy kid's projects! Just print oncakes, chocolate, cookies etc. MORE HELP HERE

This is the best invention for cake decorating in ages! 
This is just a Bubblejet printer that you substitute food-coloring filled cartridges instead of the usual printer's ink. The edible 'paper' is icing on a backing indented 1/2" all the way around. This printer can be attached to your existing computer, as with any other printer. You will also need graphic software program for scanning and printing your pictures. PHOTO EXPRESS is recommended since directions for use are included with frosting sheet packs. Any scanner will work. Picture of the KopyJet® system.  The "complete system" including computer, printer and scanner is designed for bakeries who do not wish to have their employees using their computer. It has no monitor.
  • CANNON OR EPSON PRINTERS ARE THE ONLY MAKE THAT CAN DO THIS. And only certain models fit the food coloring filled cartridges. The cartridges filled with food coloring only fit the models below.
  • This must be a dedicated printer. You could get into a lot of trouble trying to interchange between real ink and food coloring!
  • If your printer is not USB style, you may want to use a switch box in order to switch between 2 printers. Obtain at Office Depot, Staples etc. 
  • I recommend that you purchase your printer locally so that in case of problems you can easily return it to the store.
  • *EPSON: is the most economical printer reliable. Cartridges available for:

    *CANNON All ink ingredients are FDA/ECC approved and Kosher, all materials that come in contact with the edible portion of the product, ink cartridges, cartridge filling and printer rollers, are FDA and ECC approved. Kolor Kartridges have at least a 1 year shelf life.
    Frosting Sheets available in 1/4 Sheet (7.5x10"), ROUND 7.5 inch, ROUND 2 inch, ROUND 3 inch etc., Ingredients and nutritional facts


    * Read the separate instructions that came to you specifically for the KopyJet® and install from these instead of from the book.
      TIP: Install iPHOTO EXPRESS. (Or use another graphics software that you are familiar with.
      The first thing to do when printing a picture is to open PHOTO EXPRESS (Words cannot express to you how well I love this software!... and I've used them all!)
      Click PHOTO EXPRESS icon: 'START' then the scanner icon at top of the menu.
      This opens your scanner software and begins to scan. (I set my scans to 300 x 300 dpi). That is usually avail. in your 'print path' of your scanner.
      When scanned, the picture opens in PHOTO EXPRESS.
      You can 'fix' the color, crop or several other features if you like.
      Print your picture using frosting sheet and food coloring cartridge.
    If you are having problems with unsuitable pictures, you may have not installed the printer correctly. It won't hurt a thing to re-install your printer driver. * Use the printer driver that came with your printer, or get an updated version from Cannon, if you are having printing problems. * Be sure you have chosen the correct scanner and printer drivers.

    Below are instructions supplied by KopyKake® FROSTING SHEETS with the printer:

    1. Prepare your desired Photo, Design, etc. through your computer, using Cake Program furnished or other, software of your choice.
    2. Remove FROSTING SHEET from Zip-Loc Plastic Bag, and always reseal the bag.
    3. Place in the KopyJet® Printer, frosted side to front and print the image.
    4. Have a plain iced cake ready. (Buttercream works the best).
    5. Frosting or icing should not be dry or have a skin.
    6. After printing image, leave out in normal room conditions for about 10 minutes.
    7. FROSTING SHEET peels away easily. from backing paper. (If any difficulty, pull backing sheet over the sharp edge of a table, etc., and frosting sheet should come away from backing sheet). Or open and let air dry only 15 minutes.
    8. Lay PRINTED FROSTING SHEET on top of your cake, by holding ends and applying middle first and then the ends. If any wrinkles, gently pat image to smooth out.
    9. Add border or edging of your choice to your cake.
    10. If you have not added text through the program, you may write on top of the image with frostings or jellies.


    3-99: Dear Dolores & Sue,
    Just a quick note to tell you how great this printer is. My business
    has picked up tremendously and I haven't had to advertise yet! I'm so
    happy. The possibilities are endless. Now I don't have to say no to a
    lot of things because they were beyond my capabilities. Thank you very
    much again!!!!! Have a fantastic day!
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