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Make your own Chocolate Transfers

DURA-LAR SHEETS | Cocoa Butter

 Lay a Cake Stencil over a DURA-LAR SHEET and tape both securely in place. Warm cocoa butter and pour over one edge of stencil. Using a straight edge, smear cocoa butter into stencil cavities evenly. Lift off stencil and allow to cool. When cocoa butter is nearly crystallized you are ready to pour tempered confectionery chocolate over the cocoa butter. 

Cut the Dura-Lar sheets into shapes or strips before applying chocolate to make bows or other shaped designs. Drape the sheet over flower former or sides of a cake pan for abstract designs. 

Smooth chocolate over cocoa butter using a bent cake spatula or straight edge. Allow chocolate to set-up. Score with a sharp knife or stand strips on edge and press ends together to form bow loops.

Score shapes using cookie cutters too. 
Invert to peal away the DURA-LAR SHEET.

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