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Candy tools for chocolate, candy clusters, creme centers, caramel, dipping,

desserts, marzipan, molds, painting, solid filling, books, etc.
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Melting Chocolate? Use a Double Boiler or our handy melter.
Great for melting chocolate, caramel, etc. and a necessity for making 7 minute icing.
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Candy Melting plate, Microwave melt up to 10 candy wafer colors at one time for less mess! 
Great for drying fondant flowers. Microwave melt up to 11 Candy Melts colors at one time for less mess! Non-slip grip edge. Includes decorating brush. 
Rectangle, 6 x 8 inch., 10
cavities and brush spot 
#1904-8016 $3.49
The Candy melter Palette is a heated palette designed to melt candy coatings for decorating candy molds. The small portable electric palette takes thirty minuets to reach the temperature necessary to melt candy coatings. It maintains the same even temperature from then on. Eliminates the problems of water contamination. Prevents the possibility of overheating 
Contains 10 aluminum cups, cups are pressure
fit and can slide out for cleaning 
#83-150 $56.95
Double Boiler
a stainless steel upper and lower pans with 2 quart capacity, 
8 inch dia. with tempered glass lid. 
#5775 $39.95 NICE!
Double Boiler
a 1-1/2 quart 2 piece pan set with lid 5-1/2" diameter 
#83-1/6150 $18.99
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Probably the most affordable 7 quart commercial appliance available to the consumer. Made by Vollrath (R). Heat 'n Serve Cooker/Warmer. Full one year warranty. Non-stick finish on dome element creates easy cleaning and longer life. Low water indicator light eliminates guesswork. FDA approved stainless steel construction. Holds 10 lb.. of chocolate with room to stir (no water bath required). Precise Thermostatic Control with thermostat well for safer operation. NSF(R). Made in the U.S.A. 120V & 240V UL (R) CUS Listed. 5 foot cord with 3 prong plug. Includes melter warmer, bowl insert, cover and 13 inch dipping spoon. This product will arrive separately from other products, no shipping notification will be emailed. 
#CM01/72017 $395.95Parts:
7 qt. insert #CM01-I-  $56.75
13 in. spoon #CM01-S $7.95
Cover #CM01-C $24.95

Chocomaker Deluxe Chocolate Candy Melter
A candy makers dream... this melter can keep your candy wafers warm all day with no cleaning in between sessions. Great for the weekend warrior who makes candy from Friday to Sunday. Simply turn it off at night and turn it to melt again in the morning. 2 lb. capacity.
#9830 $34.99
PROFESSIONAL CHOCOLATE Table Top Temperer with Digital Temperature Readout
Temper chocolate with a minimum of effort. Digital temperature controls put you in complete control. It gently melts and then cools chocolate to temper. Easy to remove scraper and bowl make changing chocolate easy. The temperer works equally well for melting confectionery coating. It features state of the art electronic circuitry designed for reliable and durable continuous operation. Operate with 1-1/2 to 8 lb.. of chocolate or confectionery coating. The housing is made of sturdy easy to clean ABS. Polyethylene scraper is easy to remove and dishwasher safe. 5 quart stainless steel bowl lifts out. Digital temperature readout controls heating and cooling 70 degrees to 125 degrees. LED indicator lamps indicate heating and cooling. Uses 2-100 watt lamps as heat source and cooling fan rated for continuous use. Fuse and bulbs included. Measures 12 in. high x 17 in. diameter. Clear lid. Instruction book included. Six month manufacturer's warranty. No refunds or exchanges apply. Please allow 10-15 extra days for shipping.
#403-TEMPER $795.00
By ChocoMaker 
White Vanilla Flavored Fondue Fountain Chocolate Candy 
Delicious tasting candy wafers specially formulated to flow easily through the ChocoMaker chocolate fountains.
#6252 2 lb. $8.99
2 oz. $2.95 
10 oz.  $13.50
40 oz. $49.95

Makes this
Pirate Products
Handy Candy Tools
RECIPES | Hard Candy Tools
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Chocolate Dipping Basket for dipping homemade candies approx. 4 inch diameter. 
#B1 $10.50 

Microwave Melting Disposable Tray
5" (mini loaf size) - use for painting
different colors, dipping strawberries
or for just filling candy molds solid.
Stir chocolate with nuts and other
candies too! 4 trays included 
#5700 $1.99

Marble Pastry Board - Marble stays cold and helps cool candy faster and minimizes sticking to board. Also works great on pie crusts.  Fantastic for making chocolate candy curls. This is what I use to pour hot candy out on. Metal Bars available see below. 16 x 20" - RECIPES
#3829 $45.00

Candy Glove pair, cotton, white. For handling chocolates so you won't leave finger prints. 
#80-1012 $1.09
OTHER GLOVES (plastic etc.)

Metal stainless steel Heavy Duty Bars for your marble - For marble pastry boards above, so candy won't run off the sides:
set:  2 / 16" and 2/ 18" #1618MB
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Klear Band Located here
clear plastic strip for making designs for sides of cakes 
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Filling Cup Trays for candy
This professional heavy duty Filling Cup Tray makes a perfect shell for filling.  This tray helps keep the cup from spreading out after filling with yummy treats.  Perfect for chocolate nut mixtures, jelly, candied fruit, peanut butter cups, fondants, fudge, liqueur, ice cream and cereal mixtures. Instructions included with recipes for fondants, caramels and various fillings.  Add paper cups (sold separately) then fill with yummy treats. Allow to set and remove filled treats to serving platters or candy boxes.  Use several Filling Cup Trays to help make those yummy treats faster.
Use cups 1 to 1 3/8 inch diameter and 1 inch deep. 
Tray size: 7 1/2 x 10 1/4 inch. 
#T16 $7.50

Stands for 3D Hard Candy Molds
These are designed to be used for heavy duty 2 piece white hard candy molds 
#C9 2 stands $2.99

Mold for these stands

Scale 11 lb. 8.5 cups
Easy to read scale with zero adjustments. 
Scale up to 11 lb.. 
Stainless steel removable mixing bowl can hold up to 8.5 cups. 
Hand washed with a damp cloth, wipe down the scale.
#8631 $49.95
Bulldog / Butterfly clips
for holding 2 piece molds together while chocolate is setting up. 
Helps to give a fine seam so you do not need to trim off excess seams.
When clipping 2 piece molds together, trim your mold to the shape of the cavity. 
Place the clips as close to the seam as you can.
How to mold chocolate
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Mold Clips, metal spring clip 
HEAVY DUTY for our extra thick poly carbonate for plastic molds
10 pc $1.99

Universal Clips for holding 
2 piece molds together snugly. 
Pinch and place on mold. Metal, 
made in china. 8 pc #502-604
8 pc $4.39
Use for making a mold stand
(Great for our 3D Rose mold #AO-385) and/or for clamping 2 pc molds together. 
Wire Clips 2-1/4 inch assorted colors #GT-6012
12 pc $3.99

1 1/4" Steel Nickel Plated Bull Dog Clips 
4 pc $1.69
36 pc $13.68
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Candy Brushes
Pointed brushes are perfect for painting chocolate into mold cavities before filling with main color.
Flat brushes are great for making a chocolate shell for filing with creme center.
Outline the outside of the candy mold using a permanent marker and it will be easier to paint fine details.
Eyes and other fine details can be painted after the candy is removed from the cavity.

How to mold chocolate

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3/8" Flat Torrington, wood handle, for making chocolate shells or bows on klear band

Wide Flat Testor flat (bottom brush), shed proof 1/4 in, making chocolate shells, good for wider areas when painting molds
$1.69 each 

Pointed Testor pointed (top brush), shed proof, 1/8 in, paint details, add candy eyes

Small Flat Testor (middle brush), shed proof, 1/8 in, paint details, add candy eyes

SET Testor  flat, broad & fine, shed proof for all your candy painting needs

3 piece Sable size 1, 3, 5, a wonderful set for painting details, drizzles

5 pc Asst. pony hair set #1/4. 2 1/2, 2, 4, perfect for all your candy painting needs

Candy Artist Brush
A 1/4 inch Flat  #81-400
by Linzer $1.99

EACH Brush, random color shipped, good for painting multiple colors

Brush ½ inch Torrington, wood handle, for making chocolate shells or bows on klear band

3 piece set size 0, 00,000, perfect for extra fine details, writing, streaking, drizzles

3 pc Decorator Brush Set, random color shipped, good for painting multiple colors

Candy Brush TESTOR 
3 piece set #308-8709 
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Dipping Forks
Use what the professional candy makers use...
A fork styled tool perfect for dipping everything! 
Drop candies in melted chocolate, lift out with dipping fork and tap off excess chocolate.
Invert over wax paper or other dipping papers and allow candy to drop off. 
Add an extra swirl to make a fancy decoration.
Dish washer safe.
How to mold chocolate
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Commercial Dipping Tool Set
Oval perfect for bon bons.
2 Prong Hook perfect for pretzels.
Swirl perfect for all creme centers.
8.5 inch 3 piece set #D15/81-9 
$7.50 SET

Bon Bon ONLY
Commercial Dipping Fork
Oval shaped for bon bons.
8.5 inch
$2.69 EACH

Swirl ONLY
Commercial Dipping Fork
Perfect for all creme centers.
8.5 inch
$2.69 EACH

2 Prong ONLY
Commercial Dipping Fork
Perfect for pretzels.
8.5 inch
$2.69 EACH

Triangle Pineapple 
Hobby Dipping Fork
Perfect for smaller 
pieces of candy.
Lightweight plastic.
$2.29 EACH

Hobby Dipping Fork
Perfect for petite fours,
marshmallows or other
larger items.
$2.29 EACH

Deluxe Chocolate 
Dipping Tool Set 
Includes oval and 2 prong forks. 
$10.99 SET

Dipping Tool METAL set 
includes 2 prong, 3 prong and swirl. Use to hold fruit, candy, or nuts securely while dipping them into melted chocolate or other coatings. Hold petit four while covering with fondant icing. Made of stainless steel
$10.70 SET

3 Prong Dipping Fork
Most used tool from set #1378 above,
great for dip fruit, petit fours, or other treats. 
$4.49 EACH
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Scoops & Scrapers
Clean up the mess fast and easy with a scrapper.
Make perfect sized candy centers with scoops!
Wood Handle Scraper Cutter
A metal for candy making, wooden handle bar
stainless steel cutter 
5 1/2 inch
#5724 $3.99 
Scraper Paddle
stainless steel blade with easy plastic grip handle
9 x 3 inch
#780290/782933 $29.95

Metal Scoops
for perfect candy centers every time!
Trigger out and roll in a ball then dip. 
All centers will be the same size, stainless steel
29 mm 1-1/8" 0.32 fl. oz. Our favorite #5350 $9.99
Squeeze Bottles - Pour melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle to quickly fill molds, great way to fill molds with your candy coating. Cut the end of the tip slightly for ease in filling molds. A MUST! for pouring chocolate into small mold cavities! A milky white bottle that has no odors. When finished empty out all melted chocolate, pop in the freezer for a few minuets and crack the rest out. Bottle may be cleaned in warm soapy water. When you're not using the squeeze bottle, keep it warm by using one of the following methods:
Electric Skillet:  Turn on an electric skillet on the lowest possible setting.  Line with several  (6 or 7) dry dish towels.  Keep squeeze bottle in skillet when not using.
Heating Pad:  Turn heating pad on lowest possible setting. Keep squeeze bottle in heating pad when not using. We put down a bath towel, lay the bottle on the towel and cover with the heating pad. When finished, simply unplug. To turn on again, simply plug it in.
To refill SqueezeIt mold painters: simply melt chocolate in the microwave and refill.
To refill larger squeeze bottle: Melt chocolate in a large container then fill bottle.
Cleaning The Squeeze Bottle:  When finished for the day, take the cap off and wash.   Dump all the chocolate in the squeeze bottle onto wax paper (rmelt and use). Lay  squeeze bottle on it's side in the freezer for a few minutes to set up. When set up, squeeze the bottle and dump out all the excess candy. (rmelt and use)
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16 oz. Squeeze Bottle
for filling large cavities, sealing the 
bottoms of chocolates, etc.
Holds a pound! 
#81-6 $1.59 EACH

3 oz. Squeeze Bottle
for filling small cavities, sealing the 
bottoms of chocolates, etc.
#81-3  $0.89 each

SqueezeIt Bottle Painter - a bottle used for painting small details.
Try it and you'll never brush the chocolate into a mold ever again! 
The color is right there in your hand just waiting to be used,
no trips back to the pot for another dip of color when using a paint brush.
Can be used with any standard size decorating tip. 
Includes plastic tip and coupler.
How to use SqueezeIt mold painters
2 oz. #81-302  2 bottles $4.69
8 oz. #81-308 each $1.69


Plastic TIP SET - plastic 8 piece tip set fits 
#81-302 or #81-308 for decorating, writing, lines, dots, stars, leaves, ribbons, ruffles, grass. Use for 
painting candy molds, filling cavities, etc.
Includes tips 2, 4, 16, 32, 131, 233, 352
#2P-5000 $5.07
Other plastic tips

Replacement COUPLER
w/ring for SqueezeIt Mold Bottles 
#81-302 or #81-308 white plastic 
#30-3000 $.59



PLEASE NOTE: Books are not returnable under any condition or for any reason.


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Back by popular demand...
How to Mold Fancy Candy and Sugar by Arlene Spriggs Trujillo. This is the best recipe instructional booklet you will find when making home made candies. Sugarcraft, Inc. has gained permission to copy our issue and pass these favorite recipes along to you. It will show you how to mold all shapes in candy from your conventional chocolate candy shape pieces to special items for holidays and celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, showers, banquets, etc. 5x7 inch, paper booklet, 32 page. Out-of-Print
Candy Making Beginner's Guide Step-by-Step Instructions by Wilton
Get ready to have a ball. This guide will show you how easy and fun it is to make great looking candy at home. Wait till you see the fabulous treats you can make! Coconut clusters, filled and dipped candies, lollipops for every occasion, molded candy cups, 20 candy ideas and personalized plaques to name a few. It is a whole new way to add excitement to parties and create gifts that everyone will love. It all starts with Chocolate. Easy melting wafers help you make great candy in 3 easy steps. Melt, mold and serve - you can not go wrong. Make fantastic candies your very first time.  8x5 inches, Full Color, English, Paperback, 41 pages.

COPY #902-1231 $3.99

Candy Making for Beginners New and Revised Edition Delicious to Eat, Easy to Make, Fun to Give Ideas, Recipes, Instructions and Quality Products Booklet by Wilton
Luscious candies you can make. Create melt in your mouth creme filled candies, pretty gourmet candies and see how to swirl & layer chocolate. Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and Anytime nifty gift ideas. Learn the basic methods for molding confectionery coating. How to fill, dip and model candy including hard candy, easy recipes and what supplies to use. 8x5 inches, Full Color, English, Paperback, 45 pages. Out-of-Print
COPY #902-1329 $3.99
Let's Make Candy! A Step-by-Step Guide to Candy Making by Wilton
Candy making is fun to do, easy to learn and practical to know. Ahead you will discover the basics and not so basics of candy making. You will be molding, modeling, dipping, weaving and so much more. Learning how will thrill you and impress everyone. You will learn how to make treats for every occasion. Featuring trays filled with lovely candies made with molds. Just to give you some bright ideas. Adapt them to your liking to serve, share or savor. You are about to find out how easy candy making is! 8x5 inches, Full Color, English, Paperback, 33 pages. Out-of-Print
This booklet has patterns and instructions for both adults and children, including gowns, skits, shirts, jackets, a clown suit and much more. The patterns fit dolls make from our molds #43-9410, #43-9415 and #43-9420. Although instructions given are for candy coating, the patterns can be used for gumpaste dolls also. With your imagination, you can alter the patterns from this booklet for any person you make. If you want to make a Doctor, use the groom's pants and make the rock and roll star's jacket slightly longer for a lab coat. To use for candy coating: Pour peach coating chocolate into people candy molds. Chill candy people and you are ready to dress them! Dress dolls in ‘chocolate leather (recipe in book).  Patterns for clothes included. This book makes it easy. I've done this and it really is easy and have had my gumpaste dolls for years and still in the very same condition as when I made them. Make your bride and groom to resemble the happy couple! Dress them in style to match. Unfortunately this book has been discontinued but Sugarcraft has permission to copy it for resale. Copy is not perfect but the patterns are wonderful. Perfect for gumpaste figures also. 8.5 x 11", 26 page, spiral soft back 
#43-9425 $7.65 
The basics of candy making A to Z by Dolores McCann. 
A collection of all our favorites throughout the years.
Contains COMPLETE instructions for melting a using compound coating chocolate for suckers or for filled bon bons. All our favorite recipes included. Contains COMPLETE instructions for how to read a candy thermometer and successfully make cooked candies.
49 pages chalked full of our favorites!
8.5x11 inch. 
#2455 $6.99
Wilton® 1984 Method of Candy Making II Truffles, Mints and More Course Booklet
A five part course booklet copy that goes beyond the word "delicious". Find just the right recipes, flavors, colors to prepare a beautiful and appetizing assortment of candy. Lean to paint, mold 3 dimensional stand-up candies, and make modeling candy clay to form edible chocolate roses. Delectable Truffles easy to make mixture is simple to make and will be a confectionery treat for parties and holidays. 8-1/2x11 inch, paper back, 28 page Lots of color. 
#902-1604 $4.99
Choclatique 150 Simply Elegant Desserts by Ed Engoron with Mary Goodbody
Chocolate luscious, dark brown chocolate! There is no other food so sexy, laden with meaning, mystery, or so rich in history and intrigue than chocolate. Finally, there is a perfect method for working with chocolate. Don’t worry about heat and humidity. Forget the double boiler. Now, you too can prepare moist and delicious cakes, cookies, pie, tarts, cupcakes, cheesecakes, trifles, and much more. Based on five essential building blocks - simple, foolproof ganaches - are more than 170 luscious recipes perfect for beginner and experienced cooks alike. Forget what you might think about ganache. If you can melt chocolate, you can make a professional tasting ganache and professional quality chocolate desserts whenever you want. Throughout the book, the author regales the reader with tales of his travels in search of the best chocolate treats the world has to offer, from exploring the Amazon jungle to cooking and dining at the Grand Palace of Thailand to studying at Paris’ famed Cordon Bleu. He has sipped bittersweet, rough milled chocolate under a jungle canopy in Brazil and has bitten into fresh, creamy chocolate truffles that brought tears to his eyes one snowy Christmas Eve in Belgium. Ed’s experiences are the inspiration for the amazing chocolate creations in Choclatique. Because of the adverse conditions under which he has had to prepare chocolate desserts, he developed a foolproof way to make professional quality chocolate desserts anywhere and every time. Now you can, too. Ed Engoron is a motion picture and television art director, director, broadcaster, illustrator, author, restaurateur, chef, food consultant and award winning chocolatier. He has traveled to more than 130 countries in pursuit of the best chocolate. Drawing on this passion for food, art and chocolate, he cofounder Choclatique in 2003, the award winning, artisan chocolate company that has redefined the world of premium chocolate for Americans. He lives in Los Angeles.

Mary Goodbody is a nationally known writer, consultant and cookbook editor who has worked on more than 65 books. She was a senior editor for Chocolatier Magazine from 1985 until 2002, and wrote the magazine’s first cookbook, Glorious Chocolate. She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut.
Hardcover Full Color 272 Pages 8.25x10.5 inch English
ISBN 978-0-7624-3964-5
#52700 $27.00 

Candbury's Creative Chocolate Cookbook by Patricia Dunbar
hardback with dust cover, 240 pages, 7 x 10 inch
Publisher: Hamlyn (26 Oct. 1984)
Vintage #0-600-32456-7 $6.99 last one
Truffles by Dede Wilson
The gourmet chocolate market is growing like gangbusters, and Truffles offers 50 recipes for indulgent chocolate truffles using high quality chocolate infused with a wide range of fabulous flavorings. Anyone can become a master truffle maker with these clear, easy-to-follow recipes and tips on truffle making basics, choosing the right chocolate, and decorating and storing truffles. Filled with beautiful 4 color photographs, this is the only book on the market devoted entirely to truffles. Hardback, 96 pages, 9x5-1/2 inch 
#60-2388 $12.95
Candy Making Basics by Evelyn Fryatt
Nearly 100 recipes for types of candies that will have no time to melt in your mouths.... the authors contributions to the cookbook shelf are twofold: one, streamlining directions so that anyone can duplicate good results, and, two, creating enough variations to satisfy different palates.... Kids can wield a thermometer and wooden spoon too, thanks to 26 special concoctions written for little hands and sweet teeth.... Color photographs aplenty. Booklist. ..". one of the best cookbooks... a beautiful book that contains more than 100 recipes and simple instructions. Chicago Sun Times. Format: Soft bound Pages: 96 full color 
#60-2354 $14.95
The Home Confectionery Book by The Ervan Guttman Company. 
A plain old fashioned 'real' candy making instructional book! Shows molds, recipes, making mints, hard tac, etc. 8.5 x 11 inch, soft back, black & white, 63 pages, English.
#R72 Free with $10.00 purchase * Limit 1 per person free *
Buy One for $3.00
All About Candy Making by Autumn Carpenter 
Another Country Kitchen SweetArt Book. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished candy maker, you will enjoy this comprehensive guide to candy making. Basic instructions and dozens of mouth-watering recipes include: bonbons, barks, mints, caramels, truffles, fudges, candy bars, haystacks, candy apples, candy popcorn, marshmallow, etc. 8x11 soft back 46 page Full Color pictures 
#60-2360 $10.95
The Everything Chocolate Cookbook by Laura Tyler Samuels. 
Over 300 recipes - A chocolate lover's dream collection of cookies, cakes, brownies, candies, and confections. 
8x9 soft back 345 page
#1-58062-405-7 $12.95
The Ultimate Candy Book by Bruce Weinstein. 
More than 700 year round treats and gift giving ideas for Quick and Easy, Soft and Chewy, Hard and Crunchy Sweets and Treats. 
7x9 soft back 248 pages 
#60-2352 $17.00
CANDY by Better Homes & Gardens 
a must for serious candy makers
This is the book for beginners and professionals. All the basics. It explains in full detail concerning thermometers etc. too! 
Recipes for all the classics including molding candy, taffy, dipping candy, fudges, caramels, divinity, brittle's, toffee, hard candy. Specialty including fruit & nut, licorice, popcorn, candy bars, dipping favorites and more. Very professionally written.
hardback, 96 pages.
ISBN: 0-696-01415-7 $14.99 - 1 left 
Chocolate Animals Booklet by Frances McNaughton
This book features a menagerie of chocolate creatures made using white, milk and dark chocolate modeling paste, enhanced with chocolate buttons, sprinkles, chocolate spreads and confectionery. The animals will be easy to make like those in Twenty to Make Sugar Animals, and suitable for beginners, with a few more challenging models for more advanced sugar crafters. Paperback, 48 pages, English, 155mm x 215mm, 50 illustrations.
#FSB10 $9.95 
HERSHEY'S 100th Anniversary Favorites
Large hardback 238 pages, including collectable cakes, cookie jar favorites, sensational pies and tarts, delicious decadent desserts, Celebrate the Holidays, Bountiful Brunch Breads, Tantalizing Treats, Light & Luscious Desserts... so much in one place! Collectable 
We do not promote Hershey's brand of chocolate. In my opinion, Merckens is much better tasting and must better to work with.
HERSHEY'S 1934 Cookbook
Revised and expanded with chocolate recipes brought up to date for use in today's kitchen. 
Hardback 93 pages, ring bound, Used, good condition 
Diabetic Candy Cookie & Dessert Cookbook by Mary Jane Finsand - Forward by James D.. Healy, M.D., F.A.A.P. Contains articles on sugar replacement and your diet, Candy, Cookies, Desserts, Puddings, Cremes, Ice Cream, Fruit Desserts toppings, Crepes, Strudels, Pies, Cakes, Frostings toppings glazes, Nutritional information and more. CANDY recipes include: Molded candies, Butter rum patties, Butter or Cream Cheese mints, Butter Creams, Fudge, Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate covered cherries, Jell Jots, Butter Sticks, Cookie Brittle, Sugared Pecans, Orange walnuts, Crunch nuts, Macaroons, Candy bars, Peanut Bars, etc. Sugar Free Chocolate $11.95
Diabetic Sweet Tooth Cookbook by Mary Jane Finsand -  Forward by James D.. Healy, M.D., F.A.A.P. Notes from the Covenant Medical Center, Sugar sugar replacements, Tips & Tricks, Drinks, Ices / Sherbets, Cakes, Cheesecakes, Sweet Breads, Quick Breads, Pancakes, Pies, Puddings, Cookies, Candy, Glazes/frostings, etc. CANDY recipes include: Centers for: Coconut, Crunch Fudge, Fruit candy bars, coconut macaroons, Butter Rum Candy (cooked), Marshmallow Creme, Sweetened Citrus Peel. Sugar Free Chocolate $11.95


Don't have time for a class? Try one of our VHS Tapes or DVD and learn at home!

PLEASE NOTE: Book, Video, CD, or DVD are not returnable under any condition or for any reason.


The Start of Something New - Beginning Choco paste by Shirley Jackson. This includes making the choco paste; how to handle the dough, measurements and hints. Covering a cake; using real chocolate to make the dough, type of cake to cover, tootsie rolls and roses out of real chocolate choco paste. Many uses of choco paste; molding, rolling cutting with cookie cutters, interesting shapes and ideas. Egg heads; critters, chicks, swans and pigs. Plus flowers and leaves including daisy and rose. 82 minutes. One fantastic lady! I learned a lot from her. 
Easy Chocolate Tempering and Candy Coating Uses by Marsha Winbeckler - Marsha has been a candy making and cake decorating instructor since 1981 and has won many awards in these areas. She is the author of the book Cocoa and Chocolate Painting and is the editor of two international cake and candy newsletters. The topics Marsha Winbeckler covers in this video tape are: Easy Chocolate Tempering, A simplified Chocolate, Tempering Technique, Hand Dipping Centers, Candy Coating Uses, Melting Methods, Using Candy Flavors & Colors, Center Recipes (Included with this tape), Dipping Centers with a Dipping Fork and Spoon, Painting Molds in a Variety of Candy Colors, Candy Coating suckers, Candy Gift Packaging
#WE-CHOC $29.95
Easy Candy Making VIDEO by Betty Lloyd of Apollo Molds - THE! most informative video on easy candy making. This video was made by a world renown candy maker/business owner to answer all your questions about using compound coating. Covers dipping, painting and much more! Betty is now since retired but her video remains a great source to learn from. 

* This is the lady that I learned from. She is so easy to follow and understand. I recommend her video highly! Dolores
#74105-00001 $19.99

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