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Panorama Sugar Eggs!
For egg molds, click on HOLIDAYS then EASTER.
METHOD: Make up sugar as recipe HERE, let them dry overnight. Pieces are decorated using royal icing and tips #1 or 2, very delicate icing decorations. Place these on your cakes and impress your guests. NOTE: these may also be made using our coating chocolate then decorated using royal icing as above.

Sugar Christmas balls
hang them on your tree!

Once these molds are used for sugar they shouldn't be used for chocolate. Sugar scratches the mold so your chocolate pieces may have scratch marks. Mark them and store separately from those molds used for chocolate. Also, chocolate will not be shinny when molding in white molds. METHOD HERE HERE
  • You can mold sugar in ANY MOLD --- ANY box, bowl, shell, etc. you have lying around, even Hard Candy Molds!
  • SUGAR MOLDING HOW-TO PAGE Instructions, recipe
  • Sugar molded ideas for cakes 
  • More egg ideas on our EASTER page HERE
  • Instructions book
  • RECIPE: 1 cup gran. sugar, 1 teas. water; press into mold, unmold and let dry 24 hours, scoop out hollow. Or, place in oven 10 minutes on coolest setting, then scoop out. Leave in longer if too delicate, less if too thick. Coloring can easily be done using powdered colors.
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    Egg Molds for sugar or chocolate molding:
    Egg 3D (no flat side) 4 inch 1 complete #90-2364 $2.25
    Egg 3D (no flat side) 4-1/2 inch 1 complete #90-2365$4.00
    Egg 3D (no flat side) 5 inch 1 complete #90-2366 $4.00
    Egg 3D (no flat side) 6-1/4 inch 1 complete #90-2368 $4.00
    other EGG MOLDS
     click pictures to enlarge - check all items you wish to order then drop into online shopping cart all at once.

    Bell & Ball White SUGAR Molds SET
    3 bells 1 to 1 7/8 in
    2 balls 1/2 to 1 1/8 in

    Bell 3D Old Fashion Sugar Mold
    includes 3 sizes
    small 1x1 inch 
    medium 2x2 inch 
    large 3x2.5 inch
    #B28A  4 pc $3.79
    Sugar Molding & Figure Piping for Fun & Profit VIDEO by Barbara Green
    Wait until you see this! At last, a GOOD video on how to make Panorama Eggs! Some of you may have seen Barbara demonstrate. If so you will know how knowlegable she is on Panorama sugar eggs and what a good decomnstator she is too. Use this video to enhance your knowledge, offer your customers a neater product and help to keep a wonderful ages old tradition alive. 
    #D-9946 $24.99
    Panorama Pageantry Book by Mary Beth Enderson
    Many designs included picture  Eggs for Thank you, wedding, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Graduation, Valentine's Day, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and New House. Includes recipes for sugar eggs, pastillage. 23 pages - contains SO many pictures! This wonderful lady is retiring. Any books she has will only be available as ong as the supply lasts  23 pages - contains SO many pictures! 
    *Drop selected items above into shopping cart here
    DVD - 'Sugar Molding & Figure Piping for Fun & Profit' by Barbara Green
    Wait until you see this! At last, a GOOD instructional dvd on how to make Panorama Eggs! This dvd shares the secrets of Sugar Molding and Figure Piping for Fun and Profit. Including design and assembly with explanation on creating specialty flowers. This dvd will enhance your knowledge, offer your customers a neater product and help to keep a wonderful age old tradition alive for future generations to come. From Dolores: Barbara is the diva of Panorama eggs! She has made and sold them for years and years. Is very neat in her work and has wonderful new ideas for decorations. $24.99 Exclusive!

    'COLLECTABLE' White Sugar Molds from the '60's
    Some are used, some are nearly new, some are slightly yellowed, some have a few cracks but all are still good to use for sugar molding.

    Click to enlarge pictures

    4" Good Luck Mold $2.50


    6-1/2" Eastern Star Emblem 
    (slightly cracked) $4.00

    Other Masonic molds here
    (can also be used for sugar)

    Ball molds

    Use these for sugar, chocolate, plaster etc
    Check out below, what you can create using these molds!

    Plain Ball 3D, 1 Complete 
    2 cavity Mold, 3 inch
    #M-68 $1.99


    Plain Ball 3D 
    3" Diameter x 3" Depth 
    Makes 1 3D ball per lb choc.
    #90-5502 $1.99


    More ball molds

    Already Decorated Ball 3D 
    1 cavity 2-Piece Mold
    4 1/4 across 2 3/8" deep 
    Weight: 11.2 
    #C-87a,C-87b $3.98


    Half-Plain Ball
    B3A $4.00 each


    Vintage Sugar Ball Mold Set 
    4 1/2 inch - NEW - LIMIT ONE 
    #1406-1139 $15.00


    Instructions for mold #M-68 3-D ball Click highlighted links for products
    You will need to use the 2 back sides (smooth) unless you want the design of the wreath for Christmas. OR buy 2 sets of molds and just use the 2 smooth ones...especially if you need to make several.

    If you intend to cut out a window, use mold as is so it will be marked to cut out the windew nicely.

    More molds - Christmas

    WHITE TRUFFLES to fill your ball
    Scald 1/2 cup whipping cream
    2 cups chopped real white chocolate
    3 tablespoons finely chopped cocoa butter
    Whip with wire whisk
    pinch of salt
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla
    Chill until nearly solid
    Whip with mixer until light and nearly doubled in bulk
    Form into balls and roll in white non-pariels. Set aside.

    Next melt 1/2 pound white candy coating.
    Add 2 pieces pink and a trace of blue candy color.
    Paint the inside of 1/2 of the ball sugar mold #B3A.
    Let set up room temperature.
    Paint a second coat of melted coating. Let set. Repeat two more times.
    Place in freezer for about four minutes.
    Place fingers inside of molded coating and gently move to one side.
    Chocolate should just slide out.
    Use the same half of mold and repeat the entire procedure so you have two halves, made from the same half mold.
    Place truffles in one of the candy ball halves.
    Paint the edge of one of the balls with melted coating (same color as the ball halves) and carefully position both halves of the ball together.
    Place a dish towel in your hand and gently hold ball and paint seam.
    Use warmth of fingers to gently melt any imperfections around seam.

    To decorate:
    Pick up premade candy pearls with tweezers.
    Dip a portion of a pearl into melted coating to use as glue and attach to candy ball.
    Hold the pearl onto the "ornament" until set.
    Continue attaching pearls until decorated, leaving a portion undecorated for the cap.
    Melt a small amount of white coating.
    Stir in a tiny bit of black candy color to make it grey.
    Mold the cap of the ornament with the grey coating in a #90-5604 candy mold cavity.
    Mold the loop part of the rattle in the baby candy mold #90-11514 with grey coating (mold several in case of breakage).
    When "cap" is set, use the tip of a sharp knife to hollow out a small hole in the center.
    Dip a portion of the molded loop into the melted grey coating, using tweezers.
    Place the loop into the hole of the cap. Luster dust with silver dusting powder.
    Attach the "cap" to the "ornament with a bit of melted coating. With a fine brush, paint the seam with melted coating.
    Luster dust pink part of ornament with super pearl dust while holding in hand that is covered with a dish towel.
    Any pearls that pop off may be reapplied and dusted again.

    Note: The light green ornament has swirls piped on with white candy coating and squeezit mold painters.
    The red ornament has dropped bead lace made from rolled fondant and lace maker attached with piping gel.

    Use any candy mold to make sugar decorations.

    Prices are subject to change without notice,  Sugarcraft, Inc. (c)