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Food Coloring Pens

Great for Cookie Decorating, Food Crafting, 
Pastries, Toaster Pastries, Candy, and 
any other hard food surface.
Refrigerate pens after opening, although it is not necessary this will help keep them separate from your other markers.
I would also store these in a plastic zip lock bag to help from drying out.

Cutters HERE

Tuesday 2/1/2011 show (airing at 10:00am on the Hallmark Channel). On Tuesday’s show, we’ll be kicking off our countdown to Valentines Day and Martha will be making “Love Bird” cookies with fabulous cookie designer and former Martha employee, Dani Fiori.  They will be using the Sugarcraft Food Doodler in the cookie design and we’d like to give this away to the audience at the end of the segment.
Edible Blank Enclosure Gift Cards
This Edible Gift Card is perfect for adding a personalized message to a basket of icing flowers or a box of long stem icing roses. Hand write a birthday greeting, wedding wish or just for fun message using food decorating pens. Place over a picture and trace the design easily. Great for cookies, brownies or other treats. Secure with piping gel or a light mist of water. Blank cards are 2x3.5 inch, white only. #WFO-23
15-17 piece $2.59

65-68 piece $9.35
 Edible Color-A-Picture® Decals
By popular demand... a pre-printed black and white edible picture for you to color yourself using food marking pens. Simply use a food marking color pen and fill-in the colors. Remove from backing, cut a part and place on moist iced cookies, cupcakes, cakes or other treats. Perfect for the kid in all of us! What a fun birthday party play idea. Join around the table and make edible art. What a loving gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day of Father's Day. Easy to use. Our Kits include 2 sheets of pictures and 5 edible food pens (black, blue, green, yellow, red). Need a set especially designed for your party? Just ASK! New designs are always available for the asking. Email for new designs.

Teddy Bear holding Heart Edible Color-A-Picture® Decals
Twelve 2 inch decals. 
Color & cut a part to use.
#45013-1 single sheet $2.95


Teddy Bear holding Heart Edible Color-A-Picture® Decals Kit 
Includes 2 decal sheets (24 decals)
and 5 Foodoodler Pens 
#45013-1K $11.89


Teddy Bear with Bow Tie Edible Color-A-Picture® Decals
Twelve 2 inch decals. 
Color & cut a part to use.
#45013-2 single sheet $2.95


Teddy Bear with Bow Tie Edible Color-A-Picture® Decals Kit
Includes 2 decal sheets (24 decals) 
and 5 Foodoodler Pens 
#45013-2K $11.89


Butterfly Assorted Edible 
Color-A-Picture® Decals
Fifteen 1.75 inch decals. 
Color & cut a part to use.
#45013-3 single sheet $2.95


Butterfly Assorted Edible
Color-A-Picture® Decals Kit
Includes 2 decal sheets (24 decals) 
and 5 Foodoodler Pens
#45013-3K $11.89

Filled with food coloring... Instructions are included on back of each pack.
FOOD DOODLERS! Forget what Mom said - It's okay to play with your food. Paint a cookie or write a note on a bagel. Add a greeting to a dinner plate, or a funny face to a boiled egg for a lunch box surprise. All you need are Food Doodler markers and your imagination. These fun pens are filled with non-toxic, edible food inks and are perfect for adding decorative details to pastries, bread, cheese, veggies and candies. Add some fun to your cooking with Food Doodler® food coloring markers. Decorate anything from cookies to crackers. They will become available with Kellogg's Pop Tarts®. So get ready because now it's a day for you to play with your food! 


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Green #F1-1100GR 
$1.99 Qty
Blue #F1-1100BL 
$1.99 Qty
Yellow #F1-1100YE 
$1.99 Qty
Red #F1-1100RD 
$1.99 Qty
Pink #F1-1100PK 
$1.99 Qty
Black #F1-1100BK 
$1.99 Qty
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Sets of Food Doodlers:

Set of 2:
orange & black
$2.99 Qty

Set of 2:
red & green
$2.99 Qty

Set of 2
purple & pink
$2.99 Qty

Set of 2:
pink & yellow
$2.99 Qty

Black and Orange Food Doodler Pens
Perfect for making NFL Bengalis
cookies or other treats.
Need other "Team" colors,
just let us know.
#FH2-4001 $2.99

Set of 5:
black, blue, green, yellow, red
$5.99 Qty

Set of 8:
red, green, black, yellow, blue, 
orange, brown, pink
$7.99 Qty

Set of 10:
Fine Line Food Doodlers 
includes brown, orange,
red, green, blue, 
two black, pink/flesh, 
yellow, and magenta. 
Great for marking gumpaste 
or royal icing flowers realistic! 
$9.99 Qty
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Gourmet Writer - Write on any food surface firm enough to write on in true and vibrant colors... royal icing, marzipan, donuts, bagels, gumpaste, milk jell, crackers, cookies, ganache, pastries, rolled fondant, petit fours, bread pastillage, fruit & vegetables, rice paper, hard-boiled eggs and white chocolate! Perfect for stenciling, stamping, or freehand. The perfect creative tool that will stimulate your imagination. Versatile, artistic nib draws fine detail, medium or broad lines, depending on the angle in which the pen is held. Wipe tip on clean paper towel during use if needed. U.S. Certified Food Coloring. Store in refrigerator to prolong use.
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Other Sets may be available upon request
2/ $4.99
2/ $4.99
2/ $4.99
RED #GW20 
2/ $4.99
2/ $4.99
2/ $4.99
2/ $4.99
2/ $4.99
2/ $4.99
2/ $4.99y
Gourmet Writer SET
Orange, Purple, Pink, Red, 
Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, 
Flesh and Brown 
10 piece #00100 $15.95
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Dual End Food Decorating Pens
Outline or color designs on Frosting Sheets. Perfect for Stenciling, Stamping, Outlining designs or 
Freehand drawing, these versatile pens will draw fine, medium or broad lines with ease on 
any surface firm enough to write on. U.S. Certified Food Color.

Above picture shows using our 
Kopykake projector to project designs 
and images directly onto the 
frosting sheets which are then 
outlined with our NEW Edible Ink Pens.

Other decorators are free-hand
drawing onto the Frosting Sheets
with our Edible Ink Pens.


Creative decorators are
rubber stamping designs
onto Frosting Sheets for 
their cookies and cakes.
Then color design with
our Edible Ink Pens.
click pictures to enlarge
Set of 10 DUAL END edible ink pens
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Flesh, Red, Green, Yellow, Dark Blue 
#FDP10 $14.99
DUAL END Starter Set
Includes Ink Pen Colors: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, 
Orange, Flesh tone, Pink, Red, Brown, Black. 
Assorted Frosting Sheets
7 1/2 x 10 Sheet, 8" Round, 3" Round, 2" Round, Business Cards.
#FDP-FS $36.54
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Information: Food Doodler® This from the manufacturer:
Use FooDoodler® Food Coloring Markers just like you would an ordinary marker. 
Send a greeting to that special someone.
Decorate and use as an ornament or just doodle. It's fun and delicious too!

Fun Activity Ideas! Food Doodler® Markers are ideal for decorating sugar cookies with royal icing or without. Use your favorite icing recipe or try ours. Let the icing dry hard before writing on the surface. It's important that you don’t write on surfaces that have lots of crumbs or that are oily or wet. If needed, just wipe the tip with a damp paper towel as you are decorating. Quick Baking Idea! Use a store bought refrigerated sugar cookie dough. Roll out dough and cut with your favorite cookie cutters. Follow baking instructions on package. Want to decorate special-occasion cookies without mixing four colors of icing? Try these food-coloring markers. Used on top of royal icing, which dries  rock-hard, they’re easy to draw with (even for kids).

The store bought dough works great without icing. 
Don’t limit yourself to decorating cookies. Food Doodler® markers write and decorate on many hard food surfaces. Decorate a plate with a personal message before serving, send a greeting on a lunch sandwich, bread, bagel, cheese & crackers. Create Indian Totem Poles out of decorated mini carrots. Marshmallow cream works great for sticking them together!
Create a Snowman from marshmallow and pretzel sticks, create a winter village with graham crackers or toaster pastries, decorate them with the Food Doodler® markers, color the icing on your Ginger Bread house.
Boost up picnic food, coloring and writing on hot dog and hamburger buns is so much fun, potato chips and tortilla chips also work well. Create a 4th of July hot dog bun!
FUN GAME IDEAS! On a paper plate draw tic-tac-to or checkerboard using Food Doodler® markers then color mini marshmallows or vanilla wafers in two different colors and use them as game pieces. Eat them as you play or save all for the winner. Try also hangman writing the alphabet on mini marshmallows or hard candies, animal cracker scrabble or other spelling games. Take the Food Doodler® to a restaurant and play tic-tac-to on hard rolls or pancakes. 
Helpful Hints: The Food Doodler® Food Coloring Markers are best when used on hard, non fat or glazed surfaces. When using Food Doodler® Markers on non-smooth surface such as white bread dab your design carefully, it is also helpful to wipe the tip of the marker with a damp paper towel as you color. Clean up is a snap! As with any cooking decorating utensil, you want to keep your Food Doodler® Food Coloring Markers clean. Just wipe off the tip with a damp paper towel and store with other food items. We suggest this for separation purposes so they are not placed with other markers
KIDS RULE An Exclusive Marketing Report By Sadie Browning Johnson. "Most children do not hold lucrative jobs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have strong buying power. ...The days of yesteryear when mom strongly suggested you not play with your food have changed."
A study conducted by Leatherhead Food RA, Surrey, England, looked at novel products developments across the world during 2001. "Moving away from ingredients, manufacturers have found many other ways to add the novelty factor of their products," according to the company. "Interaction with food and its packaging is becoming increasingly important, particularly among children, and products with an added play factor perform well." 

Sugar Cookies Recipe:
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup shortening
2 eggs
1/2 tsp. vanilla
2 1/4 cups flour
1/4 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tbs.. milk
Cream sugar, shortening , eggs and vanilla.
Sift in dry ingredients then add milk. Beat until smooth. Roll
into a ball and refrigerate for one hour. Roll out on floured
surface. Cut out with cookie cutter.
Bake at 375 & degrees; for 12 minutes, let cool.
Royal Icing Recipe:
Using an electric mixer or spoon, beat 2 tablespoons of water and 1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar together until thick. Add more powdered sugar to make it thicker or
more water to make it thinner.
Icing Directions:
1. Glaze cookies or pastries with icing. Spread thinly.
2. Let harden before using the Food Doodler® Markers.
3. Gently write or color your design.
4. When decorating non-glazed surfaces, tip should be wiped off with damp paper towel due to crumbs.

Alternative Icing Recipe: I developed this one
The best part of it is that you can stack these cookies but the icing doesn't get rock hard like royal icing would to suck all the moisture from the cookie. Royal icing ruins cookies. It sucks out all the moisture. I made some big Gingerbread boy cookies with this icing. They had to have a yellow hard hat with a logo on the tummy. I used Frosting Sheets to make 200 logos in WORD, stuck them on with this icing, spread yellow (coloring) hard hat with knife, then put it in a bag to make the brim. I also put it in a bag to outline. These cookies (200) went to Port of Trinidad... 2 got broken! That isn't bad at all. They emailed me back that they loved them. This icing is like that used on petite fours. It will crust so you can stack your cookies. But it won't get rock hard like royal icing does. I find it easier and more fun to work with too. This icing (as opposed to royal icing) is very tasty! Firm Cookie Frosting: Try this, its very easy and you'll get raves! Fondant Cookie Icing... for icing cookies (and for decorating):
10 parts Dry candy Fondant * to 1 part water
Flavoring (I prefer Butavan flavoring, it is heavenly!)
Food Coloring
You can make it thicker by adding more dry c. fondant. Or thinner by adding more water. Color or flavor as desired. I usually just add a little almond flavoring or vanilla extract. No beating necessary. Just stir until no lumps remain. This can be as thin as color flow and still won't run off the side of the cake.
I ice the cookies with this. You should have it thin, but not so thin that it readily runs off the  cookie.
For decorations, I put some icing in a dec. bag with a tip #2 for drawing lines and detail. Or you can paint icing on to decorate too, using a medium soft paint-brush.
This icing is like that used on petite fours. It will crust so you can stack your cookies. But it won't get rock hard like royal icing does. I find it easier and more fun to work with too. This icing (as opposed to royal icing) is very tasty!
* Dry Candy Fondant, available via mail order HERE...
Using Pens to make a picture... from Lynne:

  Place your wafer paper smooth side UP over any picture & starting at the top trace your picture w/ non-toxic pens (aka: food doodlers). Make sure you put a wad of paper towel under your hand as the moisture in it will cause the w/p to buckle. This also means you must use a VERY light touch w/ the pens. Don't drag your hand through what you have traced - it *will* smear: ( I usually will trace/outline completely - let it dry (depends on your humidity factor - maybe 1 hr before going back to fill in ONE color at a time, allowing drying time between - again so you don't smear the color. Remember - use a very light touch especially when filling in. When you are finished, cover w/ wax paper, place heavy book(?) on it for an hour or so. When ready to apply to cake, VERY lightly coat back w/ piping gel - especially reach the edges - and place on cake. If desired you can outline w/ small piping (border). Sometimes I do - sometimes not. I know of some people who put about 1/4" thick coating of piping gel over the whole drawing and feather that into the icing on the cake. I find this excessive... but each to his own:) 
Using Pens with Frosting Sheets (edible & not tough like wafer paper): This is a message found on my message board from Carol
Question:Since I don't have my edible Picture printer quite yet, why can't I do simple pictures on the frosting sheets that usually are meant to go through printer, with food color pens/markers??
    Now, what I'd like to know is if anyone has tried it. I used to draw pictures on wafer paper occasionally. I wondered if the pens draw easier on the newer frosting sheets. I don't want to do too many pictures this way (because, obviously, complicated pictures would have me drawing for hours), BUT I don't want to do them in icing starts/fill-in anymore on cakes, and as I mentioned, don't have my printer for edible ink yet.
Answer: From carol f-tx
I use Food Doodlers all the time. It works perfect for making the ribbon messages. I trace the message on the frosting sheet, cut it out and place it on fresh fondant/gumpaste (mixed) and then trim the paste to the frosting sheet. This tie was done free hand... colored in using food color pens and gold highlighter dust. You can't dawdle with the color or it will melt... but you've worked with wafer paper and you use almost the same technique.
From Cakeprincess:
Using the Kopykake projector, put the Picture in the box and frosting sheet or wafer paper below. Trace the outline, filled it in with airbrush, put it on the cake. Done. You do have to work quickly, though. Sometimes I've airbrushed after it's  on the cake for that reason.

Most people think Frosting Sheets can only be used for creating computerized edible picture cakes but that is not the case. Frosting Sheets can, and have, been decorated with edible pens, airbrushed designs and even stamps.

• Why decorate a Frosting Sheets?
There are a number of reasons why cake decorators chose to decorate a Frosting Sheet rather than the cake itself;
here are some of them:

• Decorating a Frosting Sheets allows you to make a mistake!
Just imagine, you're airbrushing directly onto your customer's cake and you make a mistake - you've just ruined the cake and you have no choice but to dispose of it. This would not happen if you decorated a Frosting Sheet, you would only ruin the frosting sheet.

• Decorating a Frosting Sheets allows you to decorate ahead of time
The Friday afternoon, Saturday morning cake decorating rush can be a thing of the past when you choose to decorate Frosting Sheets because you can decorate them ahead of time, seal them in their Zip-Lock bag and place them on the cake at the last minute. No more rushing and making hurried mistakes - decorate the Frosting Sheets throughout the week or when you're not so busy.

prices subject to change without notice.