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Gumpaste/Gum Paste, Flower Paste, Marzipan, Pastillage, Sugarpaste, Platinum Paste and Modeling Paste
are all words used to describe modeling paste for creating flowers, edible borders, 3D figures, animals, or other creations.
These dough's have excellent malleability, with a smooth texture and can be colored.
Easy to mold, tool, free-hand shape or roll out. Dough's harden as they dry.

TIP: If flower petals weep or stick to your hands, knead in more confectioners sugar. 
If rain & humidity don't allow your flowers to dry, try using a scratch recipe.

Recipes: Gumpaste Recipes | My gumpaste recipe | My Fondant Recipe
Supplies: Gumpaste & Fondant Tools | COLD PORCELAIN | People Molds | ROLLED FONDANT | MARZIPAN (dough & molds)
Gumpaste| Gum Powders

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Off-Set Stacking DVD and Free Package of Gumpaste
Kaye Hartman will show you how to properly stack and reinforce offset cake pictured on this 60 minute instructional DVD. Tons of tips and how-to advise. Plus get a bonus package of gumpaste for making roses and bridal lily shown on this DVD. 
#PK-33624 $39.95

Teapot Set in Gumpaste DVD and Free Package of Gumpaste
This DVD shows you how to make an English Teapot Set in gumpaste using inexpensive chocolate mold. This decoration is so versatile, it can be used in many special occasion cakes such as birthday, retirement, Mothers Day or just a great gift by itself! You'll have hours and hours of fun making this Tea Set! Plus get a bonus package of gumpaste for making teapot and cups shown on this DVD. 
#PK-33625 $49.95
Confectioners Glaze
Asealing liquid for candies or gingerbread houses. Brush on chocolate pieces that you wish to preserve as examples.Used to give shine to leaves and flowers. Some leaves and flowers are so shiny they don't look real without it. Steaming leaves before painting with confectioner's Glaze stops the color coming off the leaf and discoloring the unused confectioners. glaze. It also means you only need to give one coat of confectioners. glaze. This tip is meant for use with gumpaste.
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Confectioners Glaze 8 oz. #78-8200 $6.85
Solvent a must for cleaning your brush out when using Confectioners Glaze 8 oz. #78-8205 $4.45
When mixing color into gumpaste, rub a bit of shortening on your hands first. 
It will help the color wash right off without staining your hands.
If tint is too strong, you can knead in some white dough to lighten.
If tint is too weak, knead in more gel paste coloring.
You might need Glycerin
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White Gum Paste
Ready-To-Use Dough
foil bag By American Bakel's
create edible borders, flowers,
3D figures, animals, etc.
1/2 lb. #77-222/2 $3.59
1 lb. #77-222/42500 $5.95

White Gum Paste
Ready-To-Use Dough
by SatinIce!
create edible borders, flowers, 
3D figures, animals, etc.
Gum Paste
1/2 lb 10043/2 $2.95
2 lb. 10010 $8.59
5 lb. 10011 $19.95

Modeling Paste
by Ballina 
Has a pleasant Tutti Frutti flavor. 
FDA approved, thermoformed
sealed packaging, made in Argentina. 
#MDP1/290053 1.1 lb (500g) $5.95

1.1 lb. Pastillage Dough by Ballina
create castles, houses, furniture,
columns and similar type creations. 
Roll- flat, cut-out and allow to dry on flat surface. Attach with royal icing. 
Dries strong and hard to a satin
finish. Made in Argentina 
#PST1 $5.59

M-L Gumpaste by Mill-Lane
Ready-To-Use gumpaste that 
requires no extra ingredients. Just open the package, knead, and let your imagination run wild. When not it use, 
it is best to be kept in the freezer. 
COR 331 rated.
Geraldine uses this one!
1/2 lb. #MLGP1/2 $7.95
1 lb. #MLGP1 $14.50

1 lb. Gum Paste Mix
Powder - add water and knead. 
Makes a workable, pliable dough. 
Includes instructions by CK Products
#77-201 $2.95

White Ready to Use Gumpaste Dough
Professional Grade Gumpaste. 
Moisture Resilient. 
Easy to use
1/2 lb. #RTUG-WH1/2 $7.95
1 lb. #RTUG $14.95

Blue Ready to Use Gumpaste Dough
Professional Grade Gumpaste. 
Moisture Resilient. 
Easy to use
1/2 lb. #RTUGC-BL1/2 $7.95
1 lb. #RTUGC-BL $14.95

Purple Ready to Use Gumpaste Dough
Professional Grade Gumpaste. 
Moisture Resilient. 
Easy to use
1/2 lb. #RTUGC-PU1/2 $7.95
1 lb. #RTUGC-PU $14.95

Yellow  Ready to Use Gumpaste Dough
Professional Grade Gumpaste. 
Moisture Resilient. 
Easy to use
1/2 lb. #RTUGC-YE1/2 $7.95
1 lb.  #RTUGC-YE $14.95

White Ready to Use Gumpaste Dough 
by Sweet Art
This high quality gumpaste is great for moulding and modeling. It has a pleasant citrus aroma, smooth texture and excellent drying properties.
1/2 lb. #4CP/2 $2.65
1 lb. #4CP/1 $5.25
2 lb. #4CP $8.95
GLUCOSE- an ingredient for making gumpaste and candy
A thick, no flavor, light corn syrup. 
Recipes for gumpaste etc.
Gumpaste tools
16 oz. $2.89
5 lb. $11.19
5 gallon $35.50
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GUMS - used in recipes for gumpaste, fondant etc.
An ingredient in gumpaste, for tougher fondant to form objects, for strengthening Royal Icing, as glue for attaching modeling pieces, to add shine, for making sugarpaste or making edible glitter. All gums are polysaccharides, that is similar to sugars but with many sugar units making up a large molecule. They are bland in taste and odorless.
Add 2 or 3 teaspoons of gums to 1 pound of fondant. Dry humidity less gum and High humidity more gum. 
Knead in and let it rest overnight before using.
Recipe HERE - Read about gum paste AOL chats I LOVE it!
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Flex Release - a lecithin oil we use to grease our silicone molds before using them to help with release, approx. A release agent that dries with no film. Try this if your dough is sticking in the mold. 
Whenever you are about to use a detailed or intricate mold, it is always a good idea to use a greasing agent prior to starting. This will dramatically reduce the amount of sticking and wasted time! Keep this handy little bottle in the fridge and when you are using your molds or simply take it out, warm it slightly in the microwave if it is hard, and apply a small amount with a stiff bristled brush, making sure to get in all the detailed crevices. You can use Flex Release for all your molds and embosser needs, and trust us, you'll be glad you did!
1/4 ounce #FF900 $3.85 
Desiccant - Food Safe
    * a excellent at moisture control, can keep frozen and refrigerated sugarpaste/fondant cakes dry from condensation for several weeks.
    * a will keep gumpaste flowers dry, especially in circumstances where they will be on display in containers.
    * a excellent at moisture control, can keep frozen and refrigerated sugarpaste/fondant cakes dry from condensation for several weeks.
Here's the best part:
    * Geraldine’s Desiccant (#DESIC2) keeps working INDEFINITELY! It can be “recharged” by simply heating in the oven. Use it over and over again to keep the moisture away!
#DESIC2 $4.00
Sugarcraft Gum Arabic Edible Glue - a versatile hydrocolloid that has many applications. A superior emulsifier, widely used in the production of beverage and flavor emulsions and meal replacers. Its low viscosity and adhesive properties, meanwhile, make gum arabic an excellent ingredient for coating cereal, confections, and snack foods. For bakery products, the gums binding and emulsification abilities aid in the formulation of icings and frostings as well as baked goods like cakes and muffins. Beyond foods and beverages, gum arabic has been long used in lithographic processes and pharmaceutical products. A natural gum additive that can be used as an edible glue to stick pieces of modeling paste together when mixed with water. This additive can also be added into Royal Icing to give it more strength.
Mix 2 tsp. Gum Arabic with 2 ounces of water to make gum glue. Gum glue is used to Gum Paste figures together. Store tightly covered, try a clean finger nail polish bottle.
1 oz.  #C502 $2.092 oz #76-3503 $2.69
Gum Tex
Like gum tragacanth, An ingredient to make gum paste pliable, elastic & easy to shape. Flip top plastic resealable lid. By Wilton. For tougher fondant to form objects.
My recipe HERE
Other gumpaste Recipes
6 oz. can #707-117 $8.49
Gum Tragacanth Powder
A natural gum additive used to make gumpaste and pastillage.
It provides strength and stretch to the desired product.
used in some gumpaste recipes and for tougher fondant to form objects. Recipe
#7270 Tragacanth Gum (Powder) 1 oz. $4.95

#7270 Tragacanth Gum (Powder) 8 oz. $25.95

#7270 Tragacanth Gum (Powder) 1 lb. $50.00
Super Gum (CMC)
Also known as Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Gum, or just Cellulose Gum is frequently used as a thickener and a texture ingredient in many applications throughout the food service industry. Food grade and industrial grade CMC Gum is also known as cellulose gum. It is derived from purified cellulose such as cotton linters. CMC Gum helps products retain moisture. CMC Gum is a man made gum.
Due to the shortage of trees and the export import of this product the price is constantly changing. We apologize for any inconvenience. 
1 oz. $2.50

4 oz. $5.65

16 oz. $17.95
5 lb. $85.95

25 lb. $395.95

50 lb. $749.95
Tylose Powder (Tylopur) This is used in the making of modeling and flower pastes. A fine powder you can work into fondant to make a really quick transition to gumpaste. Add 2 -3 teaspoon of Tylose powder to 1 lb of fondant. Dry humidity less Tylose - High humidity more Tylose. Knead it in and let it rest overnight before using
55 grams #76-3530 $3.19
Vegetable Gum - This thickener is a modified food starch. When added to beverage, they absorb the fluid and the fluid thickens. As with vegetable gum, it will continue to hold water even during digestion. 
3 oz. jar #76-3523 $4.95

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