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Using our BOOK candy mold #90-8612 avail. here.
INSTRUCIONS  for this cake.
 I airbrushed the sugar flowers & leaves.
This cake was inspired from a Wilton 2005 yearbok using

Two 10 inch cake seperator plates
Roman pillars
Two Communion girls,
Romantic base under top girl
Size 9 & 16 inch Petal pans
Tips 101, 103,1, 3 & 4
Buttercream and Royal Icings

Make ahead 135 tip 101 apple blossoms with royal icing, also make ahead 65
tip 103 roses.
After assembling the cakes and icing them . Pipe tip 4 bead borders on
bottom edges of both cakes, then position apple blossoms over borders.
Attach Roses to borders of both top edges.Around pillar bases attach extra
apple blossoms and roses. Using tip 3 and 4 pipe dot bead rosary 1 1/2 inch.
deep and cross on petal sections ( use tip 4 for larger dots and cross).
Very simple techniques to use! Have fun!

Shared by Christina Perozzi


(Above) Flowers are icing
(we carry those HERE, all other are plastics you can buy at UNDER NOVELTIES

Looks best on an 11x15" cake, pan available HERE.
Some items could be made using candy/sugar molds that we carry (on our Miscellaneous MOLD page HERE).

The cross can be sugar or milk chocolate, then painted with gold lustre dust:
use a dry soft paint brush to paint the dust on. It works best on milk chocolate.

NOTE…always use COATING chocolate in molds, not 'real/pure'.
Lustre dust available HERE.
Plastic items are available on our NOVELTIES page HERE


Have you ever thought about just how many different occasions the BOOK PAN can be used for? You can tell "any" story!
Book cakes are great for more different occasions than possibly any other style.
Below are some ideas to get you started.

Notice ROYAL icing was used (only not too much, so they get a soft pink or blue).

A very good way to get the circle as shown is to cut a stencil.
Lay the stencil on the cake, with a bent small spatula, spread blue icing in the circle.
Lift off the stencil and you have a perfect circle. Also use this method for a STAR,, etc. We do this all the time in our bakery.

The boy and girl FIRST COMMUNION figures are available at Sugarcraft, plus MANY more choices.

We carry some wonderful ceramic figures that can become keepsakes! See other cakes featured in 1996 Year Book.
They have given us some great ideas. Even a tiered one!


Simplicity's the key

CLOSED BOOK VERSION: Cut a 9x13 cake down the center to make two 6 1/2-inch by 9-inch pieces.
Stack one piece on top of the other. Place the book cake onto a cake board.
TIP: Use the CAKE ICER tip to curve the book jacket strip on one side of the 9-in. piece.

Ice the two 6 1/2-in. sides and the straight 9-in. side with white icing.
Comb these sides with a serrated metal triangle or plastic comb so that they resemble the edges of pages.

Use a flat ribbon tube No. 48 to outline the bottom cover on the three combed sides.
Use this for the front and back curves of the back cover, too.
If necessary, smooth with a paper towel.

OPEN BOOK VERSION: Is easiest to make.

Bake a cake in the book-shaped pan. Pan available HERE

ICING THE TOP: Ice the curved side of the book and the top cover until it becomes smooth.
Then, use the ribbon tube's flat side for the bottom cover and to gently extend the top cover edges of the book on the three sides.
Do not extend too far. Blend the strip into the cover icing with a small, damp spatula.

Decorate as you wish to convey messages or occasion such as The Groom’s Cake with message,

"Volumes of congratulations on your birthday"
"May all that’s happy, bright and gay fill the hours for you today" on the left page.
with a book title such as "Advanced Physics" or other messages for graduating students going on to higher education.
Great for a minister, or for a First Communion, etc.

3 Ideas for Book cakes
Bake a book shape cake, use a cake comb for page edges.
Write message on one side and add a figure on other side.
Decorate corners with dove picks, piped grapes, flowers, etc.
Three Book cakes

Book pans make great bible cakes. 
A bible verse written on is a nice addition.

Cake 1: features a sugar molded cross #90-2626. White coating could be substituted. Yellow icing 'pages' - tip #48, Yellow Tassles  tip #2, #1 fringe, Tip #104 ruffle at bottom with tip #5 black straight trim to look like a bible.
Cake 2: Kneeling Communion figure, other decorations as cake 1.
Cake 3: If a larger cake is needed, the book cake fits nicely on a 12 x 18. Roses are buttercream, daisies are royal icing.
TIP: Before you make 'pages' ice the cake a thin coating of buttercream. Smooth icing with tissue on top!

Make the challice out of sugar or chocolate using a candy mold. Airbrush yellow, dove and rosary are plastic, but rosary beads could be our gumpaste beads too, order HERE. The host can be plastic, chocolate or sugar. TIP: make of chocolate coating, then paint with dry highlighter GOLD dust. Its beautiful. We carry bible sugar/candy molds too. Order #CK-136 below.

IDEAS - there are links to products used above

IDEA: add colored piping gel to the Chapel Windows Background with a kneeling figure in front.
IDEA: Bake a sheet cake and a 6" double layer round cake. Insert 5" push-in pillar with 8" plate in one of the upper corners. Ice sides of 6" cake pale blue, add clouds on top with a guardian angle (sorry this angel has been discontinued) in center. Ice sheet cake white. Use dogwood flowers and write first and middle name, add date of communion.
IDEA: Confirmation Cake....One I found on the web: The 'house' is from Wilton's house pan HERE
IDEA: use a single dove with a cross as a center piece.
IDEA: use the church window from the Cathedral Cake Kit; open doors and use a figure standing in front


Beginning His Journey

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Cross Sections (2006 Pattern Book)


*Combine Leaf Green with Lemon Yellow for green shown.

Tint portions of fondant green and blue. 
Make fondant cross sections. 
Combine 1/2 teaspoon of Gum-Tex with 12 oz. of white fondant. 
Roll out 1/8 in. thick. 

Using patterns and paring knife, cut section pieces. 
Using round cutter, cut center circle. 
Let all pieces dry on cornstarch-dusted surface.
Prepare cake board. 
Cut double-thick cake board or foamcore 3/4 in. wider than pan. 
Wrap with foil, brush with piping gel and cover with green fondant.

Prepare cross cake for rolled fondant by lightly icing in buttercream.
Cover cake with fondant; smooth with Fondant Smoother. 
Position on fondant-covered board. 

Pipe tip 1 swirls on cake. 
Add tip 3 bead bottom border. 
On fondant center circle, pipe tip 2 letters. 
Attach cross sections to cake top with buttercream. 
Edge sections with tip 2 beads. 
Flatten a ball of fondant to 1 in. diameter and 1/4 in. thick. 
Attach with buttercream where cross sections meet. 
Attach center circle with buttercream.

Serves 12