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Hang them on the tree with tiny surprises in them. The surprise could even be a diamond ring!

All decorations are made with coating chocolate and molds.
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For help with handling chocolate HERE

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Stars: (Coating chocolate) I think they used this candy mold:
Stars 14 cavity 1.25" #90-4060

BALL: The ball is white coating chocolate (or our ivory color).
Mostly they used white chocolate with color. For some of the stars they used milk choc.
Probably they used this mold but there are other sizes too:
#B38A Ball 3 1/2 inches 3D

To make the hollow ball:
Mold each half sphere:
Make each half separately: Pour chocolate into each half ball. Tilt the mold to coat evenly to the top edges. Invert mold so excess chocolate can drain out. Do this over wax paper and prop mold so that it is elevated above the wax paper (remelt drippings)*. When chocolate is set up to the 'rubbery' stage, use an angled spatula to scrape the drippings off level with the top of the mold. Coat once more for stability. Chill in freezer. Unmold. Using cotton glove, add STARS in one half of the molds. Add melted chocolate around the edge of the sphere for glue and place the top half of the ball on the filled half.
*Prop mold to drain:
For 'props' I use flexible small cups; prop on all 4 corners. .

Design on ball:
Use royal icing in a decorating bag with tip #1. Use thin icing - add water if necassary! Thinner icing will adhere better and not flick off. TIP: If you hold the #1 tip slightly raised from the surface the designs will be smoother...let the icing 'fall' down on the ball. Let icing dry for a few hours or overnight before brush on the pearl dust.

More Hollow Molding help here

Top w/string: The top piece is a reece cup mold using coating chocolate
I think they used this one:
Reecee cup size 4, 12 cavity #109
If not they used the #5 one. This mold size depends on how large of a ball you make. I would think the #4 is going to be plenty large.
Apply gold or silver highlighter dust for a realistic look.
To add the string you will need to freeze the reece cup with a piece of straw fitted in the bottom to leave a hole.
When the reece cup is cold enough, remove it from the mold. Insert the loop. Then tie a big knot in a piece of ribbon or thick string.
NOTE: For smaller cup, use this cup mold: #161 Small cups size no. 3, 20 cavity
Last thing, brush on the pearl dust over the ball to make it glisten!

From Women's Day magazine Dec. 2001. No directions were given.
Design created by John Down, chocolate artist. The article said he gets $100.00 each for these!

We can get some round ball molds that have Christmas designs on them. The back is round and the front is flat with a design of either a Santa, elf, church, wreath or country scene. Christmas Ball Molds #C-61 through C-64. There is just one complete 2-halves mold to a mold sheet. These must be very large. Email for your request and be sure to state the numbers and what you wish to do with these so we will order the correct items for you.

Or I found mold M-68, 2 halves, one complete round smooth ball. Looks to be about 3 to 3-1/2 inches in diameter.