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Detailed Instructions and Recipes

More Ideas

Pirate Pops
Make cake balls as instructed/add lollipop stick
Face: Paint the ball using Royal Icing and flesh Food Coloring
Hat and white balls on hat: Cut using rolled fondant icing
Glue to ball using a bit of royal icing.
Features: Cut one eye of fondant. Add the other (and red mouth) using royal icing Tip 1.

Princess Cake Pops
Make cake balls as instructed/add lollipop stick
Face: Paint the ball using Royal Icing and flesh Food Coloring
Hair: Paint as above yellow or colors desired.
Features: Add using Tip 1.
Crown: Cut using rolled fondant icing
Glue to ball using a bit of royal icing.
TIP: Color hair to match guests! They will recognize themselves!
Package them! 3 x 4" cellophane bags

Chrismas Cake Pops
Make cake balls as instructed/add lollipop stick
Face: Paint the ball using Royal Icing and flesh Food Coloring
Christmas Ornament: Paint as above red, add royal icing trim.
Tree: Add Sprinkles candies trims.
Top Hat: Mini marshmallows stacked and rim of chocolate rolled fondant icing
Arms: small stick pretzels
Glue to ball using a bit of royal icing.
Package them! 3 x 5-1/2 inch cellophane bags
Wedding Cake Pops 

A special wedding deserves a special touch! Wedding Cake Pops are it!
Wedding Cake pops are the COOL new way to leave a favor for your guests, Made from scrummy vanilla cake and rich buttery icing mixed up into a ball and then coated with vanilla frosting and finished with the sprinkles, or sparkles of your choice. Perfect for a talking point and great for the guest especially the kids!
With several wedding Cake pops combinations we can tailor your pops to exactly how you would like them. We can match bows, co-ordinate bow colours, have every single cake pop with a different name, or have every cakepop with the couples name and date on! With In house design we can match the look and colour of the label to tie in with your wedding scheme, and the same with the bows. We can also work out how to present your cake pops and add the finishing touches, imagine a bouquet of wedding pops in the centre of each table all with the individuals names on! – You can do that!
You can also choose your cakepop design, from sparkles to flowers, co-ordinate your colours for bride and groom ie white and black!
Use your computer to create beautiful gift tags and a paper punch for the hole. Tie with ribbon in wedding colors. Or email and we'll print them for you.
Make cake balls as instructed/add lollipop stick
Paint the ball using Royal Icing and Food Coloring
Add Sprinkles candies trims.
Pastel Pops Seeing Spots! Cake Pops
Display these pretty pastel pops on a decorated stand perfect for the party. 
Both the pops and the stand will make your guests smile!
    * White Chocolate Candy Coating
    * Primary Candy Colors Set (yellow, blue) 
    * Garden Candy Color Set (pink, green) 
    * White Sparkling Sugar
    * Confetti Sprinkles 
    * Favorite cake ball recipe
Each cake pop serves 1.
    * Covering a Pop with Sprinkles
    * 9 x 13 in. Baking Pan
    * Chocolate Pro™ Electric Chocolate Melter
    * Pops Display Stand
    * Lollipop Sticks

Step 1
Prepare small cake balls and insert sticks following recipe. Chill. Dip in melted, tinted candy. Immediately roll in sugar to coat bottom half.
Step 2
Attach confetti to Pops Display Stand using dots of melted candy. Place pops in stand.
Click here for a list of flavorful cake ball pop recipes.

Sweet Baby Cookie Pop
Icing Colors:
  Copper (light skin tone) 
Meringue Powder
Baby Shower Candy
Each cookie pop serves 1.
Techniques Used:
Making Cookie Pops
Round Cookie Treat Pan 2105-6201
Cooling Rack 
Tip: 3
Disposable Decorating Bags
8 in. Cookie Treat Sticks
Clear Party Bags
Pacifier Favor Kit 1003-1062
Baby Word Favor Accents
Step 1
Bake and cool round cookies on sticks using cookie recipe on pan and following pan directions.
Step 2
Make royal icing. Divide icing and tint a small amount black and light rose; tint remainder light copper (skin tone).
Step 3
Ice cookies smooth in light copper.
Step 4
Use tip 3 for the following decorating: Pipe dot nose and outline ears in light copper. Pipe black icing dot eyes and string mouth. Add dot cheeks in light rose.
Step 5
Let dry several hours. Place cookie in clear party bag. Tie bag closed with ribbon. Fill Pacifier favors with Button favor candy and thread favor and Baby Word favor accent onto ribbon. Tie ribbon ends into a bow.
Gift cake pops! Easy! Its just cake coated with coating chocolate!
Coating Chocolate, Melting pots, Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant, Bow cutter, Food Coloring, Parchment liners, cookie sheet, 


step 1
Bake and cool cake; level to 1 in. high. Cut gifts using medium and large Cut-Outs (cut medium into 1 1/4 in. squares for small gifts; cut large in half for rectangles).

step 2
Ice bottoms with coating chocolate; chill until firm on parchment covered cookie sheet. Place gifts on cooling grid over parchment-covered cookie sheet. Pour on melted, tinted candy to cover. 
Tap to settle; chill until firm.

step 3
Cut small hole for stick, dip stick in melted candy and insert. Place in decorating stand; chill until firm.

step 4
Tint fondant darker shades. Roll out 1/16 in. thick. Cut 1/4 in. wide strips for ribbon (1/8 in. wide for smallest gift). Attach using damp brush, trimming as needed. Cut matching strips and fold into loops to make bows; attach. Roll small fondant ball, flatten and attach for knot. Attach confetti using melted coating chocolate.


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