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Calla Lily

Step 1: Make Stamen-roll gum paste between palms of your hands to 1/4 in. thickness. Cut into 1 3/4 in. pieces. Take a 6 in. length of wire and hook (fold over) one end 1/4 inch. Dip hook end of wire into elongated piece of gum paste. Brush stamen with meringue powder and water mixture (mix 1 tsp. of meringue powder and 1 tsp. water until well blended) then roll in yellow-tinted sugar (use a small amount of icing color). Push wire into styrofoam block to dry.

Step 2: Cut Out Petal-lightly wipe work surface with solid vegetable shortening and roll out gum paste to 1/16 in. thickness. In place of the petal pattern, use a heart cookie cutter to cut out petal-shape (the size of cutter will depend on the size of the flower). Smooth outside edge of top half of heart with your finger. Then place the heart, point forward, in palm of hand. Lay pointed stick down center of heart. Overlap round sides of heart over pointed stick. Add meringue powder and water mixture to top of overlapped heart and on inside of bottom half of the heart. Press firmly and remove stick.

Step 3: Curl & Chalk Petal-place petal over a tree former (dusted with cornstarch) and gently fold the petal edges back. Let the petal remain on former to dry. Grate non-toxic chalk and mix with cornstarch. Using art brush, paint from inner throat to the point with dry grated chalk.

Step 4: Add Stamen & Calyx-add meringue powder and water mixture to bottom of stamen and insert wire end into flower. Pull the wire through until the stamen is in place. Roll out green-tined gum paste. Cut a small circle (use small carnation cutter). Elongate sides of circle by rolling pointed stick from side to side to form oval shape. Brush meringue powder and water mixture over all of oval, place calla lily on top of oval and wrap around calla lily and wire. Let dry.