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Gumpaste Magnolias


                             Real Magnolias:
Icing Magnolias:

Cake found on the web. I'd love to give credit if you can let me know the creator's name.

This is a magnolia example that you can buy pre-made from Gumpaste at
(Go to Flowers then to Gumpaste Flowers).
There are many varieties of magnolias, so however you decide to make them, you won't be "wrong".

Gumpaste Magnolias
Gumpaste Ready-Dough
Supplies: Rolling pin and board, Corn starch
Royal Icing, small amount
Palette knife
Green tape
Small scissors
Celstick or Bone tool
Food coloring
Paint and dusting brushes
Veiner, you may need to use our search function to find the right veiner...will be easer.
Magnolia cutter Petal cutter - a 2 pc cutter set #MC210
Green wires #26 and #30, optional)
Lustre Dusting colors - mango, pink, green, plum

  • Use water for 'glue' throughout. Just a dab, not too much. Can use a mixture of thinned gumpaste/water for glue also.
  • Make the flower center using a small ball of gumpaste and covering with #1 tip, royal icing brown dots. Press in hooked-over covered wire (like Little Bopeep's Staff).
  • Roll out the gumpaste, very thin, cut the petals out
  • Vein and assemble using water to glue them together (if making two layers as above).
  • Use the wire or pinted tool to make a good hole for the wire center before drying!
  • Dry petals overnight.
  • Use a dusting brush to dust the yellow starting near the center outward.
  • Make the flat yellow part of the center and place in flower center. You can use gumpaste and 'pull-outs' for the points.

  • Insert the wire with the center on it. Flower now needs to be placed in a former having space underneath for the wire.