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FOIL Pans Metal Pans ROLLING PINS Special pumpkin pie recipe
Meringue Pie Mix Pastry Cloths Sifters Pie boxes

NEW! Ingredients for your favorite pie. Yummy! Perfect finish for those apple pies this fall!
Meringue Pie Mix - instant meringue for pies, filling for Cream Horns and Layer Cakes, etc. a great product! Add water and whip. Recipe included. #09096/00020974 Further directions and instructions here
8 oz. = 4 pies $4.69 QTY
1.5 lb. = 12 pies $9.85 QTY
 BOOK: "Pasta, Pies and Pastries"
"Ursula Kaiser, owner of Kalkus-Hirco, Inc. Has herewith
compiled over 100 tart recipes from around the world. 
Her vast experience in the cookware field and her 
many contacts throughout the world; enable her to
bring you these varied recipes. They are derived from 
many different ethnic groups and cultures. At the 
same time, Ursula will be acquainting you with 2 of 
her favorite gadgets, the Tartmaster and Krimpkut 
Sealer. Attractive, delicious appetizers, snacks, 
lunches, desserts, or even dinners can be prepared 
easily with these kitchen tools. " Scarce, Out Of Print, 
Soft cover, 6 x 8.75 in.; 116 pages
 Kneading Gloves
for non-stick dough handling and 100's of uses 
around the home. Made of 100% durable nylon. 
Made in U.S.A.! 1 pair, white.
 Pie Lattice Roller
Simply depress cutter over rolled out dough to create 
a lattice design to be placed over pies or other
pastries. 5 inch, high impact plastic, white 
 Pie Marker, 12 slice
Press this aluminum marker onto the top of any 
10" or 12" pie, quiche, or cake to score twelve 
perfectly equal portions - then slice. A restaurant 
classic. Dishwasher safe w/handle, metal teeth.
Pie Marker, 8 slice
use for 9 inch or smaller pie
Pie Cutter & Divider
Perfect equal slices every single time! 
Use to cut portions, or to mark top of pie or 
round cake for cutting. 10 inch stainless steel 
One Piece Pie Crust Shields - Nonstick
Helps prevent edge of crust from over baking. 
Use for homemade or frozen 10 in pies.
My favorite - wouldn't bake a pie without it! Dolores

5-Pie Crust Shield Strips
for any size aluminum  5 piece 

 Pie Spatula
Bake right in the pie, after pie is cool, 
cut piece and lift out easily! 

 Pie Vent
Shaped as a bird, porcelain 

11 inch Pie Crust Maker Bag
a bag that zips closed. Pie crust makers 
let you roll out a perfectly-sized circle of 
dough—easy as pie! Just place prepared 
dough inside the see-thru plastic, 
zippered bag and roll until the dough is 
evenly distributed to the edges. Unzip 
and place in pie pan for a perfect fit. 
It's that easy! Turn out professional-
quality crust effortlessly and quickly, 
with no countertop mess or wasted dough! 
Use this size for 8 to 9-1/2 inch pies
Instructions included 
14 inch Pie Crust Maker Bag - a bag that zips closed
for easy rolling perfect pie crust size everytime! 
Use this size for 10 to 14 inch pies. Instructions included 

Pastry Cloth & rolling pin cover set
odorless & water proof, washable   style may vary

Pastry Cloth & rolling pin cover
Metal Frame and pin cover
20" x 20" boxed

 Rolling pin cover
never flour your dough again! washable
Ateco Pastry Cloth and Rolling Pin Cover 25" x 20"
Specially-treated material resists grease and moisture 
Perimeter stitched to prevent fraying or tearing 
2 for $1.59

 Non-Slip Pastry Cloth PAD
 Non-Slip Pastry Cloth PAD (only) 
      prevents cloth from moving when rolling out 
dough or pie crust. Place non-slip 24 in x 19 in 
on counter top or work table and place pastry 
cloth directly over it. Made of food grade synthetic
rubber, white. Pastry cloths sold separately

Rolling pins Springerle Pins  |  Gum paste Rolling Pins
Also see pins with Gumpaste rollers LINK
Standard Marble rolling pin includes an attractive wall mount 
storage rack to accent any kitchen. Reduces sticking and provides 
superb thickness control -w/wooden base 10 in 
#4050 $12.99
Marble Rolling pin rest $4.99
Rolling Pin 4 inch barrel, 7 1/2" overall, wooden - great size for children
#4040 $ .99 EACH
VOLUME DISCOUNT: #4040 Purchase in lots of 12 for $10.69 per dozen
Wooden Icing/Pizza rolling pin 2 1/2" dia., 10 in barrel, 19" long overall Boxed 
#4047 $12.99
Rolling Pin - A must have for every kitchen
a rolling pin that can be fully submersed in water! The seamless barrel allows you 
to roll out fondant and dough smoothly. Non slip grip handles. 
Handles remove for easy washing with the push of a button. 
Dishwasher safe. Special order until available...allow 10-15 extra shipping days 
2103-301  $24.99

Imression Rolling Pins HERE
Aluminum Moline Rolling Pin - this rolling pin is made entirely of aluminum and rugged enough to last indefinitely under normal use. Ball bearing construction assures smooth, dependable operation. 
This tool has been tested and is preferred by leaders in the baking industry. 
3-1/2 inch diameter  x 17-3/4 inch long plus handles. 
Weight 6-1/2 lb. #RPA-200 $184.99
*Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery|NOT RETURNABLE or EXCHANGEABLE
Solid Rock Maple Rolling Pin - these are heavy duty 3-1/2 inch diameter rolling pins for the professional baker. The
sturdy construction and weight of the rolling pin help the dough flatten quicker. Available in two lengths. 
Made with rust proof ball bearings to provide smooth and free rotation. 15" x 3" Barrel and handles made of solid rock maple. 

Made with rust proof ball bearings to provide smooth and free rotation. 18" x 3.25" Barrel and handles made of solid rock maple. USA. 
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Rolling Pin Rubber Rings
4 sets of 2 each
Slip the rings on each end of your rolling pin to roll dough an even thickness. 
Includes 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, or 3/8 inch sets. Rings fit standard 2 inch rolling pins
(2 needed - You have to have a set to put on either end of the rolling pin.) 
#C-34/43-6289 $15.95

20 in. Rolling Pin Guide Rings
Eliminate the guesswork when you roll out fondant! Slip these easy-to-use guide rings onto the ends of your 20" rolling pin to achieve the perfect thickness every time. Diameter of rings approx 1 1/2": THICKNESS OF RINGS: and Includes 1/16" (blue) for flower petals and leaves, 3/16" (gold) for letters, numbers and appliqué shapes, 1/8" (orange) for shapes cut with Cut-Outs™ or cookie cutters and for covering cakes with fondant. 
#1907-1010 $5.00 Fits 1907-1210 pin.

Wide Glide™ Rolling Pin
Its extra-wide, smooth design is perfect for covering cakes with rolled fondant. The non-stick surface makes handling large pieces of fondant easy—just dust the surface with confectioner’s sugar and roll out fondant to the size you need, then use the Wide Glide Rolling Pin to lift the fondant from your work surface to the cake. Great for rolling out pastry dough and pie crusts, too. 20 x 1 1/2 in. diameter.
1907-1210  $22.99
Also see specialty rolling pins
PIE PANS-METAL ...measurments are from outside edge to outside edge
5 inch top x 3 inch at bottom, Mini Pie pan set w/four pans & 1 Apple Pie Top Cutter - a great size for individual servings Tinplate #4791 $6.99
5 inch Pie pans tinplate 5 inch #4621 EACH $1.99
7 inch - Pie for two? Try a 7 inch pie Tinplate #4618 $2.99
Pumpkin shaped - Holds 15 oz can of pumpkin pie filling. Fun shapes for fruit pies! Use any ready-to-bake pie crust; recipes included by Wilton® Aluminum #2105-3970 $6.99
Apple Pie Pan aluminum - holds about 1 cake mix #2105-3069 $6.99
Pie cutters 1-1/2" 6 pc set; tree, apple, heart, maple leaf, star & holly #4790 $4.59
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PIE TOP CUTTERS $3.50 each - Roll out your pie dough and then use these handy dandy  Pie cutters. Plastic cutters cuts pattern in one easy step. Use for any size pie. Try it! Plastic 10"/25cm

Pie Top Cutter Set 
8 pc set includes Hearts #P263/2207, Lattice #P4565/4779, Apples #P261/4780,
Trees #P262, Bears #4796, Tulips #4798, Pinwheel #47902, Birds #4792 and Butterflies #4793"
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Apples & Leaves Pie Top Cutter
Reversible 2-in-1 design makes apple and leaf pie crusts.
14.5 x 12.25 x .75 inch
#04020 $11.00

Mini pie pans
PIE PANS-FOIL - disposable pie pans - Use for church sales, carnivals, pie eating contests, etc....measurments are from outside edge to outside edge
100 PANS
 allow 10-15 extra days for shipping 
8 inch Disposable Foil Pan  SIZE: top 8 inch including 1/2 inch lip x 5-1/2 inch bottom x 1 inch deep #596330 17oz.
9 inch Disposable Foil Pan SIZE: top 9 inch including 1/2 inch lip x 6-1/2 inch bottom x 1 inch deep #59729 23.8 oz.
10 inch Disposable FOIL Pie Pan
SIZE: 9-1/2" top x 6" bottom x 1-3/8" deep #595370
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