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Sugar Sheet Ideas

Baby Sprinkles

Lifelike Baby 

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Baby Blocks Sleeve
Baby pink and baby blue celebrate the baby new! 
Great dessert wrappers for your next baby shower.

Baby Blocks Sleeve
Package of 12 $7.59


Package of 84/ $60.55


Baby Bottle Cupcake Sleeve
Bring more smiles to an already happy occasion
…a simple way to create an ADORABLE dessert for the mom-to-be. 

Baby Bottle Cupcake Sleeve #RA-0044

Package of 12 Roundabout Sleeves $7.59
Choose color:
Package of 84 Roundabout Sleeves $60.55
Other: More Cupcake wraps | Cupcake Cups

Baby Feet Wraps 'N Pix
Size: 2". diameter; picks 
3.75" high 
Includes: 12 wraps, 24 pix
Place cupcake inside 
Fun Cupcake Wrap. 
Swirl ice tip 32 and sprinkle 
on sanding sugars.
Add Pix.  #1004-1493, 12/ $3.99

Baby Icons Cupcake Wraps
48pc #WRAP-230 $14.95

BABY BOY 48 piece 
#WRAP-210 $14.95

BABY GIRL 48 piece 
#WRAP-200 $14.95

Pink Teddy Bears Standard
#7124 6/ $6.99 

Blue Teddy Bears Standard
#7125 6/ $6.99

Decorative Lace 
Cupcake Wrappers Pink Baby
Place baked cupcake inside.
#85-40929 12/ $9.39

Decorative Lace 
Cupcake Wrappers Blue Baby
Place baked cupcake inside.
#85-40930 12/ $9.39
 Baby Cupcakes

Baby Feet
Great for baby showers! 
Microwave-safe paper. 
Standard 2 inch diameter
75 piece #415-113 $2.09

Baby Shower
Standard 2 inch diameter
1-7/8 T" 50 cups 
#6988 $1.99

Cuddly Baby (babies are fondant)

Baby Angel on a cloud
Baby Angel below

Cupcake Pans

Great for the cake or in other baby shower decorations!

Baby Things Candles
2" includes bottle, booties, pacifier 
and rattle 4 pc #2811-855 $3.89

Baby Shower 
2" candles includes bootie, 
carriage, rocking horse and bottle
4 pc #C-82 $3.89

Other Porcelain Babies

Components Used: B-28 Mini Baby Beads Toppers, B-36A Mini Baby Bottle Pick, R-5A Small Rattle Picks, S-758 Safety Pin Picks, CRL-W White Curling Ribbon
Miscellanious Baby Novelties
Use this baby for the center for a rose. 
So cute! Be careful with the kids when serving!
.Click picture to enlarge - "WARNING this product may NOT be suitable for small children"

Baby Shower Toy Picks
2-3/4" nice designs include baby bottle, rattle, and pacifier #2233  12 pc $1.99

Baby Bracelet
1-1/4" pink & blue #B-28 12 piece $1.29

Rocking Horse Novelty 
2 piece
#R-92 $2.09
Baby Shower Pick assortment
#BB-AST 12 pc $1.09

Sleeping Baby pick 2-1/2x1-3/4" 
pink, blue, white assorted 
12 pc #B34 $1.09 

BABY Script
3" assorted #B-6 3 pc  $.75

Baby PopTop Set includes bottle,
onesie & pacifier 4-1/2"
#B-81 $1.59

Baby Angel Topper 'Welcome Baby'
Lay on cake,  5 1/2"
#B-37/B-22P $1.09

Baby Plaques 4 inch

BLUE #003874 $.25

PINK #003872 $.25

Mardi Gras Baby King Cake set
includes nude baby glued to a crown,
3 assorted necklaces, & History card
#MG-50 $1.09 

Play Pen (no baby) 
pink &  blue
assorted 4x4"
#PL-1  $.69 
Discontinued, not many left

Baby Angles Cake Kit
kit may vary slightly
Baby Angles Cake Kit 
#CK-23 $4.25 QTY

Baby Angles Cake Kit
Afro Am.
#CK-23AA $4.95

Baby Farm Animals Cake Kit 
includes cow, chick, horse and pig 
#CK-313C  $6.75

may get blue and pink
3-1/2" #B-483 2/$2.29 

Blue is no longer available.
pink dress only
3-1/2" #150240
$1.29 each

BULK 24/ $23.28

Colorful Baby Rings 12pc
#B-84 $1.99

Little Suzy's Zoo picks -HERE

Moon/Star Pastel Balloons 
3pc Plastic
#MSR-901BY $1.49

PASTELS Star shaped Balloons
5 balloons per pick, 3 bunches
#STR-901PSL $1.99

Rocking Horse Picks assorted
2-1/2" 12 pc #R-95 $1.99

Carousel with Horse Molded Topper
 4 x 7" (raised plastic layon)
#JTCcarousel  $1.59 each

Rocking Chair 3" brown
#R-45A 2 chairs $1.79

Baby Hands and Feet 
 Molded Topper about 4-5"
#B-45 $.89

1 s t Birthday DecoPics 
Swirl ice white butcrm cupcakes tip 4B and immediately roll cupcake edge in sprinkles. Add tip 8 spot. Add DecoPics.
#12342 12 piece $1.99

cupcake liners

Baby Jungle Animals DecoPics
Rough pipe tip 2Awhite butcrm cupcakes. airbrush* randomly. 
Add DecoPics.
#12301 12 piece $1.99

cupcake liners
*or used canned spray

Baby Umbrella Kit
Instructions included
approx 5 1/2" 
#1600-1063 $2.50

Porcelain Figure
Baby in Blanky - Blue Bow
#MDBIBLANKY $3.99 each

Baby in Blanky - Yellow Bow
#MDBIBLANKYY $3.99 each

Pink and Lavender not available
More porcelain babies

"Special Delivery"
3" plastic #B-3

SMALL Balloon Cluster
1/2 inch pastel colors
1 bunch/ $1.39

LARGE Balloon Cluster
1 1/4 inch pastel colors
2 bunches/ $3.78

36 bunches/$17.00

We're Expecting Cake Topper
5 1/2 x 6 inch #JTC-EXP $1.09

Fuzzy Bean Bag
Blankie Bear Blue Kit
approx 4" #560356-B $9.49

Blankie Bear Pink Kit
#560354-P $9.49

Baby with Balloon Cluster Topper
5 inch #B-901PSL2-2
$1.09 each
Click pictures to enlarge
Troll Baby Cake Toppers

assorted styles and hair colors- yellow sold out
1 3/4 to 3" #JTC-TR $2.99 ea.
Troll Baby Cake Toppers
Choose Style

Baby Shower Cake Kit
includes all items shown
#CK-23caa $4.25

Super Mom Humorous Topper 
#1006-259 $8.00

Mom on Scale Humorous Topper 
#1006-1331 $8.00

Blocks and Puppets DecoSet
Includes three colorful blocks that are
fun finger puppets.
Comes with disposable camera.

Made with 2- 1/4 sheet cakes. 
Toys Logo, Bear Face, Baseball and 
Caterpillar toy are piped icing.
#31711 $18.95

Carousel Cake Display Set
Create a carnival of fun for any celebration!
This easy-to-assemble set helps you build
a classic carousel cake. Everything you
need is included: tent top, pillars and
horses. With the separator plate, create 
a tiered carousel cake. Add as much
decorating detail as you like using icing
or fondant trims.
15-Pc. Set includes: 
1 Tent Top (11 in. dia.) 
1- 10 in. Decorator Preferred Separator Plate. 4- 10 in. Pillars, 4 Pillar Bases 
4 Carousel Horses in 2 fun designs 
1 Finial Topper 
Easy assembly instructions 
#301-1335 $24.99

Baby Buggy Carriage Onesie Clothesline 
Includes carriage and onesie outfits.
#CK-807C $3.39 

Baby Feet Cupcake Stand Kit
 Celebrate the New Baby with cupcakes 
and treats served on this cute centerpiece
stand. In minutes, you can create a
colorful 3-tier cupcake stand with a fun
decorative topper. Your cupcakes will
look perfect for the shower.
1004-1492 $6.99

Crayon Box
Raised plastic topper
Raised plastic layon 5-1/2" 
#C-374 $ .79

Pacifier Favor Kit
Perfect for fun baby celebrations! Pacifiers measure 2.5 in. long. Multicolor pastel assortment includes: 20 favor containers, 20 ribbons, 20 print-your-own tags, 2 test sheets. #1003-1062
20/ $24.99
Special order-allow 2 weeks
Baby - PANS
OTHER PANS Shaped PansCollectable Pans

Little Suzy Zoo
Used, good condition
Holds 1 mix, collectable
#2105-7810 $35.99

Cabbage Patch Preemie
New condition, Holds 1 mix 
Included instructions
Used, good condition $39.99

Good News Stork Pan
Used, new condition, 1 mix 
Instructions included
 #502-3851 $39.99

Just Hatched
New  $29.99

Teddy Bear with blocks
Used, new condition, 1 mix 
Instructions included
 2105-8257 $19.99

holds almost 1 cake mix
3 1/2 x 6" $20.99
Perfect condition 2105-1026

Baby Buggy Pan
These wheels will bring squeals of delight from shower and christening guests. It’s a precious carriage design fit for royalty and ready to dress up for colorful cakes or elegant salads and gelatins. One-mix pan is 11 1/4 x 11 1/4 x 2 in.
Used, good condition
1 Mix Aluminum
Full insructions
#2105-3319 $13.99

1 new and 2 used
Both Used, good condition
1 Mix Aluminum 
Full insructions
#2105-1194 $13.99

Special delivery Pan
Holds 1 cake mix aluminum
Used, fair condition, some scratches
bakes just fine.
#J-700 $19.99 1 lef

Stork Express Pan
#2105-1191 $19.99
Holds one cake mix

Metal BabyBuggy 
Bottomless Pan
Holds 1 cake mix 
2" high by Magic Line
$12.99 1 left

Baby Novelties

Newborn Baby Figurines (6 per pk)
Add special touches to your baby favors, gift tie-ons and table decorations. 
1" high.
#1103-62 $2.09

Cute as a button!
Cupie Baby Doll Buttons DecoSet
Caucasian #96489 $8.00

AfroA  #96490 $8.00

Ice 8x11 inch cake white buttercream and comb sides. Airbrush sides golden yellow (or use canned spray color). Mark oval rug with cookie cutter. Ice with 8 inch angled spatula and add tip 104 ruffle. Pipe tip 104 top border and tip 12 bottom border. Pipe tip 3 message and pipe tip 3 dots to accent top border. Add DecoSet.

Cupie Baby Dolls
assorted styles NUDE 
Add cupie doll inside #PL-1 playpen 
for a cute idea
Caucasian 2 pc #CD-1 $1.09

Afro-Am 2 pc #CD-1AA $1.09

Newborn Baby Novelty
1-1/4" 12 pc #000451 $1.09 
Sleeping Babies
pink and blue outfits 2-1/2", 2 pc 

AA #X-560AA $2.19

Caucasian #X-560 $2.19
Baby Angels
pink and blue outfits 2-3/4"

AA #X-559AA


Newborn Baby Novelty
African American
1-1/4" 6 pc Add special touches to 
your baby favors, gift tie-ons and
table decorations 
#1103-30 $2.29

Baby Face Caucasian PopTop 5 inch
#FF-818 $1.09

Baby Face AA
Raised plastic topper 5"
#FF-818AA $1.09
Cradle/Carriage Novelties

Baby Carriage 
Jewel Pick
2-1/2" flat #B-9J $1.09

Baby in Bassinet 
3"pink or blue blanket assorted colors
#002030/C-818 $2.59 each 

Cradle BLUE Pearlized 
2 pc #1006-264 $2.00

Cradle PINK Pearlized 
2 pc #1006-262 $2.00

Baby Carriage 
Raised plastic topper Set
Pieces are raised molded plastics
A nice set to make round cakes
into a baby carriage includes 
pacifier, wheels 
& sprinkles, 8-1/2" ruffle/bow set
#96249 for $5.69
I think it is shown on an 8" and 3" cakes(3" pan) on 12" 
Shown using standard cupcakes

It's a Girl Stroller or It's a Boy Stroller Topper 
Porcelain newborn baby lying in 
a stroller on base with ribbon tulle.
5" high $19.95
#736 Girl

#735 Boy

Cradle Favors 18 count Kit 
#1006-1330 $24.00

Baby Picks

Soon to Be Mom
Raised plastic topper
5 inch #B-126 $.89

It's a Girl! Star Pick 
2-1/2" 12 pc 
#B-55G $1.99

It's a Boy! Star Pick
2-1/2" 12 pc 
#B-55B $1.99

Puffy Baby Bootie pick
assorted 12 pc #B-38 $1.99

Baby Bear pick 'Welcome Baby' 
pink & blue 2-1/2 inch 12 pc 
#B-34  $1.99

Baby Word with Duck Blue Cupcake Pick
#1543 12/ $1.99

Safety Pins picks
pink & blue 2" 12 pc #S-758 $1.09

Parasol Picks
Pink or Blue on white 2 inch 
12 pc #P11 $1.09

Sprinkling Can Pick 
2-1/4" assorted pastel colors 
12 pc #S23 $1.09
Pea in the Pod:

Sweet Pea Sleeping Cake Topper
Cast of Cold Porcelain
Approx. 6x3"
#MD1183  $23.99

Two Peas in a Pod Baby Pic 
#P-36117 $3.65 each

More Porcelain Baby items

Baby Sweat Pea
Raised plastic topper
#B-120 $.89
Cake using this poptop

Baby Sweat Pea Picks
12 pc #B-121 $1.99
Baby Blocks, Booties, Bottles 

Baby Blocks set 
1x1" #B-2484/B-86 $1.79

Baby ABC Block Plaque
3-1/2x3-1/4" assorted pink, blue
and white 3 pc #BB1 $ .89

Baby Shoes 
1" pastel colors, 12 pc  #B11 $.99

Baby Bottle pick 
2"assorted colors
#B-36A 12 pc $1.99

Baby Bottles
3-1/4"pink & blue
#1103-50 2 pc $2.29

Baby Bottle Favor Containers
fill with small candies or treats for a delightful touch, clear bottle with color tops
4"#1006-696 6 pc $5.99

Porcelain Babies

Bootie pairs 
2-1/2" #S-29 3 pc $1.49

Bootie pair
1 3/4 wide" #JTC-B1 2 pair/$.49
EDIBLES - Icing Decorations

Feet sugar
1 1/4"pink & blue assorted 
8 pc #36054 $1.89

Baby 3D Edible Image and Sugar Set
For use with a single 8x2 inch cake layer.
Includes 4 sheets of edible pictures, 
3 pacifier sugar pieces and cutting
#43102&43093 $8.95

Baby Deluxe 
Assorted sugar shapes
1 1/4" pastels 12 pc #32804 $2.39

Yellow Chick Sugar 
1 1/2" 6 pc #14231 $1.99

Baby Rattle Sugar 
4-5 pc, 2" sold asstd.#32808 $2.49 

Ducks and Bubble Sprinkles
3 oz. $1.99

12 oz. $4.95

3 lb. $20.00

Baby Onesie Sugar Dec-Ons© 
assorted 1-1/2" 10 pc 
#43629 $4.29

Jimmies Pink and Blue
3 oz. $1.29

16 oz. $2.79

6 lb. $16.00

Other sugar shapes

Baby Sugar Dec-Ons© 
(shown baked in Mardi Gra King Cake
1-3/4" 8 pc #43678 $2.89

Baby Edible sheets

Baby Shoe Pair
Shoe is hard-dried gumpaste
2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inch
CHOOSE BOY OR GIRL, 1 SET $8.50 per pair
CHOOSE BOY OR GIRL, 2 SETS $17.00 2 pair

 Rattle Novelties

Rattles Novelty
2-3/4" pink, blue, yellow, green 
and lavender 
#1103-29  6 pc $3.19

Baby Rattle PopTop Cake Kit
also includes two BABY script and 
sprinkles #K-116 $.99

Baby Rattles Novelty
(no pick) pink & blue 4 pc 
#R-8 $1.19

Rattle pick Novelty
pink & blue 2" 12 pc #R-5A $.89

Rattle Favors 20 count Kit 
includes 20 cards to print on and 
attach with ribbon, candy and ribbon
sold separately #1006-572 $24.99
Storks & Things

Stork with Baby Figure
White on green stand
4 1/2" #S68X $1.09
Bundles the Stork® Cake Kit 
3-1/2" #CK-180/ST-100 $4.50

Stork Plaque w/baby 6 in
PINK 2 pc #ST-218P $1.69

BLUE 2 pc #ST-218B $1.69

  Both PINK & BLUE 2 pc $1.69

Stork Congratulations pick 
3-1/4" 12 pc 
#S19P   $2.99

Quack Pack Favor Accents Set/4 
Mom and babies bring good luck
to the celebration. 
Crafted in resin. 1/2 -2" high. 
#1006-679  $5.99 

Special Delivery Stork Cake Topper
#30006 $6.95

Instructions for sheet c.
Instructions for tiered c.

Baby Shower cake kit
stork-baby, pins, BABY plaque
#JTC-607 $5.99

Mother Goose with Baby
4 inch #G700 $1.49

Carousel Tier Cake Box Carrier
is a perfect fit for our kit above 10.5x14.75x8 tapered 18 inch. 
Box locks closed and includes a hand hold. 
Includes lift out board. 
Can also be used for 9x13 sheet cake.
#6610  $9.75

10" Pink Foil Cake Board ONLY #6605 $3.59

More decorated boxes

Baby Rattle Lollipop Twisty Tags
Room for baby's name, date, place, weight and length. 
Each tag is attached to a silver foil twist tie.
#5086 20 piece $1.99

DESIGNER EDIBLE PICTURES - Great for novelty shaped cakes!
Wrap around sides of cakes, make beautiful gumpaste bows, use for ruffles, designs for paths, or make a spectacular purse shape cake. The ideas are endless. Cut with craft circles and use on cookies. Strips are 2 1/4 wide x 10 inch long with 3 strips per sheet. 
Other designs upon request include Halloween Variety, Pastel Plaid Variety, Mod Dots Hottie, Mod Dots Black, Autumn Variety, Pinkalicious Dots and Stripes Variety, Classic Swirls, Classic Lace, Words of Love, Birthday Variety, Love Swirls, Christmas Plaid Variety, Sunny Paisley Variety, Jungle Camouflage, Desert Camouflage, Wood and now a few designs available 3 1/2 inch thick. You need just to ask! Allow 10-15 days to stock.
click pictures to enlarge

.Great for Baby Showers, Birthdays or Gifts
Above figures (and more) available here

Sugar Sheet Ideas
Punch Cutters available here
Instructions for BIBS give you ideas for how simple and easy this is.

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