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Filled Cake Pan Set (CULINIQUE)

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So how do they make those gorgeous filled cakes? 
A decadent chocolate cake with a filling of cappuccino 
mousse, or a vanilla-butter cake hiding a treasure of 
rich chocolate cream. The pros do it with special 
machinery, but we do it (and you can, too) with 
our new Filled Cake Pan Set, a pair of tall 9 x 2 1/2"
round cake pans with rimmed tops to hold filling. 
Take your pick: bake a single layer and fill the top 
(strawberries and whipped cream are nice); or bake 
two layers, add filling to the bottom layer, and invert 
the top layer over the filling. TA-DA! A filled cake. 
Frost and serve to a chorus of ooohs and ahhhs. 
Pans are made of heavy gauge, shiny aluminum, 
the best material for cake baking; dark pans will 
burn and toughen your crust.
Try our Bettercreme (in 1 quart carton, enough for several cakes);  Available in vanilla and now our NEW! Chocolate Bettercreme!
Add nuts or fruit for an easy quick gourmet delight! Bettercreme filling/icing, Available here
9" Culinique® Pan Set
- Set of two, multipurpose pans
- Hand crafted mirror finish, for lifetime use
- Heavy culinary grade aluminum
- Illustrated instructions & recipes included 
- Makes a great gift!
$31.99 NOW on SALE:
1 pan $19.99
4 sets $71.96 
($17.991 each)
6" Culinique® Surprise Inside™ Mini-Molds
- Set of two, multipurpose pans
- Simply perfect for small families
- Hand crafted mirror finish, for lifetime use
- Heavy culinary grade aluminum
- Uses one small (9 oz.) cake mix
- Illustrated instructions & recipes included 
- Makes a great gift! 
$19.99 NOW on SALE:

1 set $17.99

Not available for discount pricing

Culinique® Set of both pans
Includes our 9 inch and 6 inch sizes together! Enjoy both sizes. Makes a great gift for the beginner or an experienced baker. #81210
  Suggested Price: $50.00 NOW ONLY $29.95 
1 set $29.95 (or less than 4 sets)
1 set $29.95

4 sets $76.67

16 sets $224.00
Go Ahead ... Wow 'em All ... It's Easy !
Below are a two examples of yummy gourmet delights that you can make fast & easy.
Jell-o filled Cake:
Orange slices Cake:
MORE IDEAS! For you from Jackie! So nice of her! click on an underlined word below...
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Idea #2  Heart Cake
Idea #3  Banana bread
Idea #4  Strawberries & Cream Cake
Idea #5  Citrus Cake
Idea #6  Black Forest Cake
Idea #7  Chocolate Cake & Cream
Delicious ways to make everyday foods very special!
Chicken & Rice
Chinese Vegatables with Rice
Cornbread and Chili
Crab Cake
Fancy Meatloaf!

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