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 Cake Jacks & Dowel Rods for Supporting Tier Cakes

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Poly Dowels Small circumference 
    * Replaces old fashion wood dowels
    * Cuts easily with scissors/shears
    * For extra support insert 2 small dowels inot large dowel
    * Easy to see when disassembling cake
    * Sanitary
    * Use for gumpaste flowers- drying tube and applique
Length: 12 inch, Diameter 1/4 inch
Poly-Dowels® US Patent Pending 
#27-162.5,  5 piece $2.29 Qty
#27-162 25 piece $9.45 Qty
#27-162 450 piece $121.52 Qty
The Adjustable Dowel Rod.
Once you try them, you will find them to be the most valuable means of supporting a wedding cake. 
They have proven to be dependable and easy to use. 

Simply adjust the screws of all the Cake-Jacks on one layer to the desired height for that layer. 
Because they are totally portable, they can be used to support top ornaments, even after the cake has been set up. Whether you make wedding cakes or simple sheet cakes with cakes stacked on top, you find that Cake Jacks are so quick and easy to use. Try them - you will love them.

Adjustable, reusable dowel support. Use instead of cutting dowel rods. Insert into wedding cake for support and adjust to proper height. 
These adjust up with a screw, to about 1 more inch high and Approximately 1/3 in in diameter.
(Instructions for use)

3 inch 6 pc #27-123 $5.25 Qty
4 inch 6 pc #27-124 $5.25 Qty
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DOWELS - supports for tiered cakes.
Wooden - Plastic - Pegs - Straws - Dowel Rod cutter
Wilton Wooden 12 in x 1/2 in, cut w/serrated knife or rose sheers & are NOT recommended for re-use. #399-1009/TDOWLW 12 pc $3.29
Wilton Heavy-Duty Plastic Tubes Hollow 12-3/4 in x 3/4 in cut to fit w/sharp scissors or serrated knife, wash & re-use. #399-801 4 pc $2.59
Straws unwrapped 7-3/4 in, standard width #285020- 250 for $3.59 
NOTE: These are what I use.
Instructions: Insert into the iced cake, measure just below the icing level and cut. Use the measured one to cut the remainder of them. Be sure they are all the very same height. Space approx. 2 inches apart in a circle about 1 inch inside the edge of the cardboard. 
Never put a straw or any other support in the center, maybe a smaller circle inside on a 18 inch or larger cake. This puts a strain on separator plates and causes them to sometimes crack.

NOTE: I find that you need to use cardboards wrapped in foil all-around, between the stacked tiers...prevents straw slipping. 
This is NOT a good method to use if separating using plastic plates between the tiers.

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